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Privacy Filters for Monitors Offer Reliable Protection

Privacy filters for monitors offer reliable protection from prying eyes. The goal is to prevent visual hacking. This type of hack involves the act of stealing sensitive information, often via a computer screen. 

Visual hacking is on the rise across many different industries. Healthcare is one particular sector where sensitive information – including phone numbers, addresses, and social security numbers – is ripe for the taking.

A recent experiment was done by the Ponemon Institute to look at just how prevalent visual hacking has become in the healthcare industry. Here are the results:

ViewSonic Healthcare Privacy Filter Infographic

Download here: Healthcare Privacy Filter Infographic

68% of these visual hacking attempts go unnoticed or unchallenged. It’s simply too hard to judge people’s intentions. Commotion often leaves workstations empty. That’s exactly the situation visual hackers are looking for. 

Results showed that visual hackers are successful 91% of the time. In healthcare, mobile carts and nurse stations are the areas most at risk. Visual hacking takes 15 minutes or less. That’s all it takes to lose sensitive information.

52% of screens are at high-risk of visual hacks, due to being in publicly accessible spaces. Visual hacking risk is greatest when workers are busy. They have more important things to do than monitor their computer screen at all times. 

That’s why monitor privacy filters are the perfect solution for healthcare, financial, or other facilities that require secure data. Privacy filters help prevent the 3.9 pieces of sensitive information that were stolen on average, from ever being accessible in the first place.

Increased random audits in the healthcare sector have shown monitors without privacy filters to be a cause for concern. Even when a privacy filter is added, some employees have a tendency to remove privacy filters. 

Latest Innovation

When employees don’t fully grasp the importance of data sensitivity, they’re likely to remove the filter. The latest innovation from ViewSonic® tackles the problem of employees removing unwanted privacy filters.

The answer to this problem lies in creating privacy filters that can’t be removed in the first place. Monitors with built-in privacy filters prevent filter removal, keeping you compliant.

Monitors with built-in privacy filters offer the following benefits:

  • Zone of privacy: Content remains clear when viewed directly in front of the screen, but visibility is blocked when the screen is viewed from the side beginning at 30°.
  • Continuous Protection: The built-in privacy screen is always on for constant safeguarding of sensitive information.
  • Outstanding Visual Performance: Although the screen remains hidden from prying eyes, users still enjoy an excellent viewing experience.

VG2448 Computer Monitor with Privacy Filter

See ViewSonic’s latest 24″ privacy filter monitor here.

Reference: “Visual Hacking Experiment” Ponemon Institute, 2015.