ViewSonic Announces 55-inch Gaming Monitor, New NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Monitor and Blur Busters Strobe Certification at Pepcom 2020

ViewSonic® Elite Unveils New Monitors, NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Monitor, World’s First Blur Busters Certified Monitor and RGB Alliance Partners

London, UK (Jan. 6, 2020) – ViewSonic Europe Ltd., a leading global provider of display solution products, showcases the ViewSonic ELITE XG550 gaming monitor, XG270QC and XG270 with ELITE Ally for the first time at Pepcom 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rounding out the ELITE lineup, with large-screen and curved gaming monitor options, ViewSonic provides gamers with iconic desktop monitor options, redefining the design and aesthetic of modern gaming setups.

XG270: Now G-SYNC Compatible and Blur Busters PureXP Strobe Certified

Officially certified as NVIDIA® G-SYNC® Compatible, the hyper-responsive 240Hz XG270 provides gamers with a superior gaming experience. All NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible displays are validated by NVIDIA to bring gamers smooth, tear-free gaming at refresh rates up to 240 Hz.
The ViewSonic ELITE has partnered with Blur Busters, to tune PureXP, a ViewSonic ELITE specialised strobe backlight technology. PureXP supercharges Moving Picture Response Time (MPRT), achieving MPRT as low as 0.6 milliseconds. This eliminates strobe crosstalk, without affecting colour quality, delivering the purest experience in display motion clarity. The XG270 is the world’s first Blur Buster’s Approved monitor, tuned and certified, providing gamers both fast GtG and fast MPRT options.

“We wanted to provide better brightness in our motion blur reduction, so finding the right partner to optimise PureXP was very important.” said Kendall Miller, Global Gaming Manager for ViewSonic ELITE. “With the help of Mark Rejhon at Blur Busters, we were able to provide the best quality motion blur reduction, bringing gamers pure motion clarity.”


The 55-inch ELITE XG550 is a 120Hz OLED panel, delivering a highly-responsive, life-like gaming experience, with a 0.5ms (GtG) response time and UHD (3840x2160) resolution. In-game environments come to life with OLED exceptional contrast and 99%DCI-P3 colour support, perfect for next-gen consoles and AAA-title game play. With a narrow-bezel design, and ELITE RGB accent lighting, the XG550 fits into any gaming environment.


The 27-inch ELITE XG270QC gaming monitor is designed to provide lifelike visuals and immerse gamers with its 1500R curvature and 2560x1440 (QHD) resolution. The XG270QC elevates gaming worlds with its 550 cd/m2 luminance and its wide DCI-P3 >90% colour coverage. The monitor is fully loaded with a 165Hz refresh rate, 3ms (1ms MPRT) response time, and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology to ensure a seamless gaming experience.

ELITE RGB Alliance

With the launch of the new XG27 series and XG270QC, ELITE RGB can be synced with two main partners, Razer and Thermaltake. Razer Chroma RGB and Thermaltake TT RGB Plus link up with ELITE RGB via the ELITE Display controller software, allowing users to control both accent and ambient RGB lighting. With Razer Chroma RGB, users gain access to the Chroma Workshop, which features a collection of RGB profiles integrated by game developers from over 135 popular titles. Utilising Razer Chroma RGB and Thermaltake’s advanced RGB software allows gamers to completely control their RGB environment, providing the ultimate immersive gaming experience. For more information on Razer Chroma RGB, please visit razer.com/chroma.


The ELITE Ally peripheral is a USB-connected touch-screen device that allows gamers to quickly access on-screen display settings, such as game modes, adaptive sync, HDR, brightness, contrast, RGB lighting and more. Users can fine-tune their gaming experience without touching the monitor or opening their ELITE display controller software. Currently, the ELITE Ally peripheral is only compatible with select ViewSonic ELITE gaming monitors.


The XG270QG and XG270 are available to purchase worldwide. The XG270QC launches worldwide in March, 2020. The XG550 is scheduled to launch Q4, 2020.

The ELITE Display Controller beta version is available to download here, with the final version available to download February, 2020.

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