Elite Display Controller

Customize the Way you Game


The ViewSonic ELITE RGB Controller allows users to easily make adjustments to their monitor’s settings all on one app. Select from preset game modes, customize display settings, and control your RGB lighting for a more personalized gaming experience.


Take control over your monitors various settings from display options to RGB lighting. Then save each customized setting for easy and immediate access that turns your monitor into weapon for victory.


Too busy playing to adjust display options? Quick Access allows you to easily switch to your preferred mode anytime with a single click.

Elite Display Controller Common Questions

Elite RGB Controller is design for model Elite XG240R to control the RGB lighting, while Elite Display Controller is design to control monitor setting include RGB lighting for model Elite XG270, XG270QG

Some of the feature is still under testing. Elite Display Controller will remain in beta till we reach the final state of function. Currently the “Mode setting” & “Quick access” functions on model Elite XG270QG is not available on beta version.

The current model supported included Elite XG270, XG270QG and XG270QC.

1. Visit https://www.viewsonic.com/elite/display-controller to download the beta version.

2. After install Elite Display Controller, software will automatically notice the latest available update software when you keep the software open.

1. For FW update, please restart the PC & monitor power.

2. For SW update, please restart the software.

No, please wait until the update is finished and restart the software.

As of now, Elite Display Controller will only work on the PC.

No. If two of the same product is connected concurrently, Elite Display Controller will only allow configuration for one of the detected product.

No, Elite Display Controller is a free-to-use software without any subscriptions tied to it.

You could submit your feedback to: https://www.viewsonic.com/customer-service

No, if two version exist in the same time, please uninstall the beta version.

In order to use the ELITE Display Controller, make sure the USB type B cable is plugged in to the monitor and the Type A side is connected to your PC.

Troubleshooting FAQs

In order to use the ELITE Display Controller, make sure the USB type B cable is plugged in to the monitor and the Type A side is connected to your PC.

If RGB lighting in non-responsive, unplug the monitor’s power cord and plug back in.

To activate PureXP, turn OFF Adaptive sync / FreeSync in visual settings menu.

This mode will sync the RGB lighting to the volume of media being played. To perform the function, audio must be ON and unmuted.

Please make sure you are not adjusting the “Pixel format in AMD or NVIDIA’s control software. Close the 3rd party software and restart the Elite Display Controller again.

Please unplug and plug in the USB again

Please restart your PC and launch Elite Display Controller and partner's software again.

Please do not turn off Elite Display Controller or shut down your monitor while updating firmware and software.

Please check partner's RGB software if any messages. If not, please restart both Elite Display Controller and partner's RGB software.

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