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    Upcoming Tournaments & Events

    • Overwatch PIT: Season 3

      Overwatch PIT Partnering with Blizzard Entertainment, One Game Agency is getting ready for its third season of Overwatch PIT. The international event features two regional tournaments attracting top teams from North America and Europe. ViewSonic will be sponsoring the event and supporting new talent as they compete for their share of $20,000 USD.

    • European Speedrunner Assembly 2018

      The European Speedrunning Assembly (ESA) takes place from July 20-29, 2018. Gamers will converge in Malmö, Sweden in a race to complete the fastest speedruns of their favorite games. ViewSonic, as a Gold Sponsor, will be supporting gamers as they raise money for Save the Children. Donations will be coming in from fans viewing the events on

    • Case Mod World Series 2018

      Case Mod World Series 2018 Partnered with ViewSonic, the Case Mod World Series is a yearly event where contestants show off their creativity and craftsmanship by designing cases for their PCs. In this year’s competition, modders can participate in the ViewSonic Monitor Mod category by submitting a modified monitor (preferably from ViewSonic) along with their Tower Mod (entry must be built with a Cooler Master case) or Scratch Mod (mod must be built without the use of a pre-existing case). In this bonus category, ViewSonic will be selecting two winners, both of whom will be awarded $1000.

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