26. 10. 2021

ViewSonic Helps Clear Out Tons of Marine Debris in Taiwan National Beach Cleanup

With the goal to keep coastlines beautiful,
ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, gathered employees to participate in the "Taiwan National Clean Up Day" on October 16. Together, they gathered nearly 200KG of marine debris along Linshanbi Beach.

ViewSonic encourages employees to take part in social and environmental causes. Led by Craig Scott, CTO of ViewSonic, employees invited friends and family members to participate in the event. The volunteers cleaned up waste, including single-use plastics, bottles caps, broken glass, etc., to show their commitment to protecting the ocean.

Experts believe more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic litter the world’s shores and oceans and that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish. To grasp the magnitude of the problem, Picture a garbage truck loaded with plastic being dumped into the ocean every minute.

The "Taiwan National Clean Up Day" has been held for five consecutive years to clear out garbage washed in by the ocean currents of South East Asia and beyond. Other than single-used plastics, the fishing industry in Taiwan also creates large amounts of waste that are either dumped or blown into our rivers, countryside, and beaches. This year, over 2,000 volunteers gathered to remove 10 tons of garbage at 23 locations around Taiwan.

Prior to the event, ViewSonic Taiwan invited Alexander Kunz, a geoscience research scholar, to speak on marine contamination and how we can take active steps to move towards a greener planet. ViewSonic, as a company, remains committed to finding new solutions to help reduce our impact on the environment and move us closer to a better, cleaner world.