ViewSonic Taiwan Launches Daily “Learning Never Stops!” Livestream

Assisting Educators Adapt to the COVID-19 Pandemic with Digital Learning Experience Sharing

launched the “Learning Never Stops!” Livestream. Every day at 7 p.m., through the ViewSonic Classroom teachers are invited to share their experiences in distance learning. As of May 30, ViewSonic’s first-ever daily event had already amassed 500,000 views within 2 weeks. To further support the level 3 situation in Taiwan, ViewSonic announced that schools can apply for a myViewBoard entity account, allowing teachers and students to use this software free of charge for an extended period. If teachers sign up for an individual account on myViewBoard premium before June 30, they can also use it at no cost for an extra year.

“Thank you to Taiwan’s persistence in the past 15 months, keeping our lives as normal. I personally visited campuses across Taiwan and organized hundreds of workshops, collected feedback, and jointly developed an on-site and online learning platform,” said James Chu, Chairman and CEO of ViewSonic. “As the situation escalated in Taiwan, we started using our distance learning platform to conduct live-streams and have courses for online teaching certification to cultivate Seed teachers. We will continue to collaborate with local education departments to promote hybrid teaching, helping teachers embrace and thrive in digital environments.”

The “Learning Never Stops!” Livestreams Every Evening
Every evening at 7 p.m., ViewSonic holds its livestream where teachers share their basic know-how concerning distance learning and the latest digital teaching tools. Topics include interacting with students in different age groups, conducting synchronous teaching via Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, as well as sessions for foreign teachers in Taiwan teaching English. ViewSonic also provides instant responses to online questions from teachers. Previous sessions of the daily live streams can be rewatched on the YouTube channel of ViewSonic Classroom.

Sign up with myViewBoard Premium by June 30th
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ViewSonic announced it would offer myViewBoard for free to K12, colleges, and universities in March 2020. To continually support the adoption of remote and hybrid teaching, schools can apply for a myViewBoard entity account, allowing teachers and students to use this software free of charge. ViewSonic also extended the complimentary access to myViewBoard Premium for 12 months if teachers sign up before June 30, 2021.

Solution Guidelines to Support Purchasing Decision
On the heel of school closures and employees working from home, ViewSonic set up a “WFH Survival Guide” website that stores information and solution guidelines to assist those who teach, learn and work from home. For teachers, the award-winning TD1655 touch monitor, the brand-new 110-degree ultrawide USB camera VB-CAM-001 with integrated dual stereo microphones, and the handwriting input panel PD1330 are all excellent choices for conducting lessons. For students, the M-series LED projector equipped with a built-in sound system comes in handy when big-screen projection is needed. It delivers crisp and clear sound and minimizes eyestrain, creating a comfortable learning environment. Furthermore, ViewSonic has a wide selection of screens designed for people working from home, including the 32“ VX3211-4K-mhd for seamless multitasking; the portable 16” VG1655 for flexible working environments, and the 27” XG2705 with pivot, tilt, swivel and height adjustment features is suitable for both work and play.

For more information, visit the “WFH Survival Guide” website by clicking on the following link: