ViewSonic Unveils Ultra-Large 110” 4K ViewBoard for Enhanced Collaboration

(June 27, 2024) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual and EdTech solutions, introduces its new ViewBoard IFP110 with native 4K UHD resolution. As one of the largest interactive displays in the market, its 110-inch screen is equivalent to four 55-inch displays in a seamless 2x2 layout, offering a bezel-free and immersive viewing experience. With built-in software for multitasking and advanced content sharing, this massive screen is designed to boost productivity and engagement in both business and academic settings.

Large-Scale Presentations with Effortless Multitasking

The ViewBoard IFP110 transforms video wall solutions with increased interactivity and collaboration to unleash creativity. Ideal for environments such as showrooms, training centers, and museums, this ultra-large touchscreen captivates audiences with its expansive, bezel-free viewing experience, ensuring high engagement and immersive interactions.

Equipped with an integrated operating system, soundbar speakers, and advanced software, this massive display can play multimedia content without external devices. It offers streamlined connectivity through wireless casting of up to six individual screens. It also provides a USB-C one-cable solution for content sharing, data transfer, and device charging up to 100W.

In business or educational settings, presenters can use split-screen or floating windows to showcase various dynamic content. For instance, the presenter can display an image in one window while using the myViewBoard whiteboarding tool for real-time annotations in another, making meetings and learning more efficient than before.

Intuitive and Secure Access with NFC Technology

The ViewBoard IFP110 prioritizes user convenience and security with hassle-free sign-in options. Featuring a secure NFC technology (available in Q3 2024), users can unlock the display and access their personalized settings and accounts with a simple tap of an NFC card. This feature not only enhances convenience but also helps prevent unauthorized access, ensuring a seamless integration into any educational or professional workflow.

The new launcher allows quick access to personalized interfaces, app settings, and toolbars. It also supports secure single sign-on from major platforms like Google, Microsoft, and Apple, along with a Guest Login option, offering flexible user access while safeguarding data.

Comprehensive Software and Accessories for Efficiency

For streamlining operations and maintaining a smooth workflow, the ViewBoard IFP110 features a built-in Manager app to ensure centralized device management and troubleshooting. This app facilitates streamlined communication across campuses or large organizations.

To further enhance efficiency, ViewSonic provides a suite of accessories, including the 3-in-1 AirPen. This innovative tool combines the air mouse, spotlight pointer, and presenter functionalities, making it fully compatible with myViewBoard for seamless control and interaction with digital content. These comprehensive tools and accessories reflect ViewSonic's commitment to delivering efficient, user-friendly solutions that meet the needs of modern professional and educational environments.