ViewSonic ColorPro VP2776 Wins PC Mag Editors’ Choice Award

ViewSonic ColorPro VP2776 Wins PC Mag Editors’ Choice Award

ViewSonic ColorPro VP2776 Wins PC Mag Editors’ Choice Award

Brea, California (March 13, 2023) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, is proud to announce that its ColorPro VP2776 monitor has received the PC Mag Editors’ Choice Award with an Excellent rating. The magazine chose the monitor for its highly capable 1440p professional monitor with two notable extras: a 165Hz refresh rate (making it good for video editing or game design) and a color calibrator. This award amplifies ViewSonic's commitment to providing high-quality products with exceptional color performance and calibration tools that meet the needs of creative professionals.

ViewSonic ColorPro monitors are specially designed for professional creators who require exceptional color accuracy and image quality. The ColorPro VP2776 has already won several awards for its simple and intuitive design. Receiving recognition from PC Mag further validates the product's functionality and its user-centric design. VP2776 is the perfect partner for a Mac as it offers the ICC (International Color Consortium) Bridge feature, which automatically guarantees that the ICC profiles match for identical colors on the monitor and synchronizes the color on a Mac. In the same product line, the VP2786-4K is the latest Fogra-validated and Idealliance-certified monitor, designed for those who demand ultimate color accuracy from screen to print.

PC Mag’s Editor Highlights on VP2776 as follows*:

165Hz refresh rate for various visual critical activities

With a refresh rate more than double the standard rate, the VP2776 is the ideal choice for video editors or game designers working with moving images. First and foremost, the VP2776 is a professional monitor for photographers, videographers, and graphic artists. A high refresh rate makes images move smoother, freeing users from most of the jerking and motion artifacts they would often see in panels with a standard 60Hz refresh rate.

ColorPro Wheel for easy navigation and color calibration

The ColorPro Wheel peripheral, which can be used to navigate the monitor's onscreen menus as well as those of some third-party apps, doubles as a calibration tool when paired with ViewSonic's Colorbration+ software.

VP2776 delivers outstanding visual performance and unmatched color capability to meet the visual needs of world-class photographers, vloggers, video editors, animators and game designers.

For the full review please visit the PC Mag article here.


  • ColorPro 27" Pantone Validated Video Editing Monitor with integrated calibrator, DCI-P3, 165Hz & Nano IPS

  • Apple Compatible: MAC Ready with 90W USB-C connectivity plus 95% DCI-P3 International Digital Film Standard color gamut

  • Hollywood Color: VESA verified HDR400 with Nano IPS meets big screen standards for Cinematic quality.

  • Great for B-Roll: 165 Hz Refresh Rate ideal for stellar sequences

  • Instant Color Adjustment: Our exclusive ColorPro Wheel puts color calibration and adjustments at your fingertips with Adobe Software and on-screen displays

  • Portable Darkroom: Foldaway hood attaches instantly to eliminate ambient light when you need to "go dark"

  • Award-Winning Design: Winner of multiple 2021 awards for minimalistic design, user experience and enhanced features

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