Why can't I use EMP-022 digitizer pen with PF0730-I0WW in Windows?

To use EMP-022 with PF0730-I0WW, please follow below instructions to update firmware for EMP-022.

1. Please install the latest Pen Manager Driver for Windows first 

2. Please click"Firmware download for using EMP-022 digitizer pen (Windows)" download FW file "WoodpadFWUpdate_V0111.zip". 

3. Click to open "WoodpadFWUpdate_V0111.zip".

4. Click the left button "Confirm".


5. Complete Installation.

6. Plug PF0730-I0WW into your laptop or computer again.

7. The Viewsonic Pen Manager UI will then show the EMP-022 digitizer pen icon if your installation is done. 


Last modified: Nov 2022

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