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2K: A New Level of Clarity

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Witness the power in numbers: A WQHD (2560 x 1440) 2K resolution allows you to see up to 70% more on-screen content than your typical Full HD -- delivering vivid, detailed images, as well as faster scrolling and navigation of displayed content.

Sharper Images

2K no doubt benefits gamers. At almost two times the resolution of a traditional 1080p display, 2K results in a much sharper image without distortion or stretching while maintaining the same 16:9 aspect ratio. Strategy game enthusiasts can finally see the soldier units summoned and tiny towns conquered with clarity.

Multi-Window Boost

For corporate users, 2K is a good choice. It helps improve your workflow. The 70% on-screen content increase not only means increased desktop space, but also means being able to split and show multiple windows at the same time. With a 2K monitor, managing projects and multitasking has never been so easy.

Reduced Eye Strain

When information is densely displayed, like in large spreadsheets or third person strategy games, 2K clarity is a precious asset to battling eye strain: With double the resolution and increased image sharpness, 2K makes these details more defined and comfortable to focus on.

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