ViewSonic Transforms into a Global Visual Solution Provider through Continued Innovation

ViewSonic becomes the World’s Top 3 interactive display brand

London, United Kingdom (9th September, 2019) - ViewSonic Corp, a leading global provider of visual solutions, announced today a new milestone of its successful business transformation: It has risen to the top three brands in the global interactive display market in the second quarter of 2019 (Note 1). ViewSonic also announced its three major product lines: Displays, projectors and interactive displays saw strong sales performance in 2018 with year over year growth of 9.6%, 44% and 120% respectively. Due to the continual reinvention of its business, ViewSonic stands out in various industries. In recent years, ViewSonic has devoted itself to business transformation and diversification. Additionally, it has evolved from a hardware manufacturer into a solution provider that incorporates hardware, software and service with product lines including monitors, projectors, interactive displays, and EdTech solutions.

“The key to ViewSonic’s continual reinvention is its business philosophy ‘See the Difference’,” said James Chu, Chairman and CEO of ViewSonic. “To keep up with the digital transformation trends around the world, ViewSonic extends and diversifies its business with its expertise in visual technology in educational, enterprise, consumer, and professional display markets. We are happy to see that our efforts bring fruitful results, rendering the fulfillment of our mission: ‘To inspire the world to see the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary by providing innovative visual solutions for work, play and learning that integrate hardware, software and service seamlessly’.”

Since ViewSonic first launched its monitors in 1990, it became the largest brand in the U.S. market within 10 years with its excellent performance and reasonable pricing. In 2016, ViewSonic launched a new product line, ViewBoard smart interactive displays together with myViewBoard software, which rose to the third place in the US market in 2018 and successfully established a strong foothold in the education and corporate market. According to Futuresource’s report in Q2 2019, ViewSonic has become the third largest brand in the global interactive display market.

Noticing the upward trend of digital education, ViewSonic expected interactive displays to become crucial for the improvement of the communication between educators and students. Therefore, ViewSonic has been actively developing products for that market. As hardware alone is not enough to meet the needs in the digital transformation, myViewBoard software was also launched, supported by Amazon Web Services, integrated with Microsoft Azure, and partnered with both Google for Education and Intel. By integrating hardware, software, and services into one ecosystem, ViewSonic provides customers with the ultimate user experience. More than 500,000 subscribers from the global educational market have registered since the launch of myViewBoard in 2018.

ViewSonic is also successful in other markets. In the projector market, it has become the fourth largest brand globally as of Q2 2019 (Note 2). As for the display market, to cope with the slowdown in the global computer market, ViewSonic started diversifying its product lines early. In addition to strengthening commercial solutions, ViewSonic launched the ELITE gaming displays in 2018 and the ColorPro professional display solution in 2019.

Looking forward, ViewSonic will continue developing solutions in various vertical markets and will push the digital education transformation forward as one of its core missions. "Facing the tides of digital transformation, industries around the globe have stepped up their digitalisation and technological efforts,” says James Chu. “For instance, FinTech has become mainstream in the financial industry. However, in the educational market, the level of digitalisation still lags behind. Therefore, ViewSonic arduously promotes EdTech. Through better integration of hardware, software, service, and the ecosystem, we aim to advance the use of technologies in educating and bring disruptive innovation to the global educational market.”

In the Taiwanese market, ViewSonic works closely with partners to create a tech-friendly educational environment. For instance, the newly built AI teaching compound in Takming University of Science and Technology uses the ViewBoard to maximise teaching efficacy by improving the interaction between students and teachers, which in turn helps nurture more AI talents for the industry.

Note 1: sources: Futuresource Q2’ 19 World Interactive Displays Market Track. The market share is assessed by the sales volume, and the report does not include the Chinese market.
Note 2: sources: Futuresource Q2’ 19 World Front Projector Market Track