ViewSonic Launches New Corporate Collaboration ViewBoard for the Workplaces

IFP70 Series enhance collaboration and communications for optimized productivity and are Microsoft Azure IoT certified

London, UK (August 21, 2019) ViewSonic Corp, a leading global provider of visual solutions, announces the launch of new corporate collaboration ViewBoard for the workplaces. The new ViewBoard IFP70 series, a further expansion of its line of collaboration solutions, which are specially designed for enterprises to provide easy-to-use and next-generation conferencing capabilities that facilitate seamless collaboration and communications within modern and globalized workplaces. ViewBoard IFP70 displays have also been developed with smart-IoT-connected space in mind and are Microsoft Azure IoT certified.

“With our knowhow and experience from our ViewBoard platform, we have developed a solution that will revolutionise how people communicate, collaborate and work,” said Brian Wei, Director of Commercial Displays and Solutions at ViewSonic. “We strive to make the workplace an environment where teamwork can reach its full potential, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of employees, including global teams.”

Designed for modern workplaces- walk in, plug in, and get down to business

As anyone who has used video or web conferencing solutions can attest to trying to figure out cumbersome cables and connectivity issues, that can delay meetings and get things off on the wrong foot. Luckily, ViewBoard IFP70 displays help alleviate these problems with one-cable connectivity via USB-C. With just one cable to worry about, starting a meeting or presentation is easy, fast, and without that awkward moment as team members scramble to get things started. With support for A/V, data, Ethernet and power delivery, one cable is all you need.

Once the presentation or conference is underway, collaboration among participants is seamless with support for Windows 10, Office 365, and Team Rooms. With ViewSonic’s VewBoard Cast content sharing app for mobile devices, participants can stream 1080p content from their device onto the ViewBoard wirelessly. Presenters can also control displayed content from a phone, tablet, or laptop. Multimedia, documents, cloud files, and almost any content can be used by on the display at the same time by multiple users simultaneously, enabling real-time annotations. A premium bezel-less PCAP (projected capacitive) touchscreen with smart pen provides an incredibly natural and responsive writing experience, using fingers, styluses, or a mixture of both.

Bring workplaces into the future - IoT Ready

With the growing presence of IoT, ViewBoard IFP70 displays are ready to bring workplaces into the future. Microsoft Azure IoT certified ViewBoard IFP70 displays will enable smarter workspaces through a myriad of capabilities. They include, built-in sensors that detect and measure presence, room temperature, humidity levels, and ambient light, all tied in with the new Microsoft Azure Digital Twins (Note 1) service to provide office managers with the data they need to optimize workspaces for employees and improve energy efficiency, consumption and cost breakdown.

Further enhance collaboration with myViewBoard

ViewSonic myViewBoard is an easy-to-use and highly secure collaboration software solution designed for interactive displays and digital whiteboards. myViewBoard offers an array of tools created specific for enterprise use, and is hosted and powered by Amazon Web Services with an AES 256-bit encryption in place, for optimal data security. For added security and mobility, users can sync with cloud-base storage services such as Google drive, OneDrive for Business, DropBox, and Box. myViewBoard offers unique solution to help drive cooperation and collaboration, thus increasing productivity.

ViewBoard IFP70 series includes the 65-inch IFP6570 and 86-inch IFP8670.

Note 1: Microsoft Azure Digital Twins is a new service in the Azure IoT platform that enables customers and partners to create a comprehensive digital model of the physical environment that includes people, places and things, as well as the relationships and processes that bind them. Source from: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/resources/videos/azure-digital-twins/