Stylus Pen Solutions Provider EMRight Technology Announces Entry into the Chromebook Supply Chain

London, UK (April 29, 2021)
EMRight Technology, an affiliated company of ViewSonic, announced that it has been added to Google’s approved vendor list (AVL), thereby entering the Chromebook supply chain and the education market. As a worldwide leader in digital signature and pen display solutions, EMR continues to develop innovative high-end electromagnetic resonance and active capacitive stylus pens and has implemented its solutions into hospitals, banks, and telecom industries.

“EMRight is dedicated to creating customised solutions for different market segments and expanding the scope of applications by increasing compatibility with various operating systems, such as Mac OS and Chrome OS, and entering the international ecosystem,” said Patrick Lai, Vice President at EMRight Technology. “We are glad to set a new milestone by entering into the Chromebook supply chain. This shows that EMRight Technology’s solutions are widely recognised by the industry. We aim to use our solutions to further enhance learning experiences in the education market.”

EMRight Technology has always been proactive in establishing partnerships with other companies for product development and diverse applications. In 2017, it developed an active capacitive stylus pen, conforming with the Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP), and earned Windows HLK certification, and became part of Microsoft’s stylus pen ecosystem. In 2020, EMRight became a member of the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) led by Intel and Google.

To create the best possible natural-feeling experience for users, EMRight has the highest standards for precise and smooth writing input. Its solutions include electromagnetic resonance stylus pens and modules, and active capacitive stylus pens. EMRight’s advanced stylus pen technology offers 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, a 266 points per second report rate, and a ±0.1 mm accuracy level. Users can create thin and precise lines with fine tips, which truly captures the pen or pencil-like feel. Furthermore, its palm rejecting sensing and tilt detection function offers a natural writing experience for note taking. It detects pressure levels seamlessly and responds to very light strokes, increasing durability.

The EMRight battery-free stylus pen active capacitive stylus series can be used on graphics tablets/screens, drawing tablets, e-ink, e-paper, commercial tablets, and Google tablets; some of which are even anti-interference, antibacterial, waterproof and dustproof. Providing a wide selection of styli for professional creators, businesspeople, and students to choose from, allowing people from all walks of life to enjoy the convenience of touch input.

About EMRight
EMRight Technology is an affiliated company of ViewSonic, the leading global brand in visual solutions. The company was first established in Hsinchu Taiyuan Science and Technology Park in 2015. Committed to innovating and developing high-end electromagnetic resonance (EMR) and capacitive stylus pen technologies. Its products are widely used in medical, banking and telecommunications industries, becoming one of the world's leading brand of digital signature stylus solutions. To find out more about EMRight Technology, please visit www.emright.com.