What are the system requirements for running myViewBoard for Windows?

Here are our system requirements for myViewBoard on Windows: myViewBoard system minimum requirements Processor:  Intel Core i5 x86 CPU RAM: 8 GB OS System: Windows 10 Pro Disk Memory: SSD   For more information, see the myViewBoard wiki: https://wiki.myviewboard.com/MyViewBoard_for_Windows

What to do if I cannot find a participant in the cast moderation list?

Please follow below instruction to solve the issue: 1. Ask the participant to reconnect again 2. Turn off the casting function and turn it back on again, then ask the participant to reconnect

Which Android versions are supported on the myViewBoard app?

The myViewBoard app supports Android 5.0 and newer

How do I check the network condition and speed?

Please follow below instruction to see network condition and speed. Open myViewBoard for Windows Click "Settings menu" button Click "?" button Select url "Go to SpeedTest to measure the network condition"

How do I activate myViewBoard for Android

On first run, the android app prompts the user to select the account type to activate.  For a personal account: Click Personal. Provide a myViewBoard account to activate the application. myViewBoard Name Email address to receive the activation email. Specify a Theme. Click Submit. The app may automatically close at this point....

Why is Chrome required?

myViewBoard uses WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) API to achieve screen sharing across various platforms such as Chromebook, PC, and Mac. Currently this can only be supported on Chrome.

What's the requirement of network bandwidth to ensure myViewBoard functions smoothly?

The ViewBoard IFP display is based on Android and supports a "Shared" Ethernet connection between the ARM based Android TV Scaler and the x86 Windows slot-in PC, if installed.  There limitation of this is that the slot-in PC will only receive a 100M Ethernet connection even if the Android Platform is receiving 1000M (GB) Ethernet. Please u...

How do I play non-YouTube flash videos in the myViewBoard for Windows browser?

Please follow below instructions to play non-YouTube flash videos. Open myViewBoard for Windows Click "Settings menu" button Click "?" button Select url "Download Adobe Flash Player for myViewBoard browser"

Whiteboard for Windows will not start. Application opens and closes immediately.

Step 1  In Windows 10, Search for and open "Event Viewer".  Then go to: Windows Logs > Application.  Check your Windows Event Viewer and look for an Application Error message related to vBoard.exe.  Step 2 From the above Event Viewer, if you find libcef.dll in the description under the Details tab, this means there are missing files ...

Why do I keep seeing error message "Access denied"?

You may be temporarily experiencing issues connecting to the internet or to our directory service servers.  Please check the following: 1. Make sure you have good Internet connectivity    Check to see if you are able to visit other websites normally (e.g., https://myViewBoard.com) 2. On your computer, disable and then enable the in...

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