Maximize Productivity on the Go

Achieve your goals where you are. Present, produce, or participate without being tied to a single location.

What challenges do you face working on the go?

Embracing multiple work locations add unique logistical challenges to your workday.

Limited Screen Space

Flipping between tabs and windows wastes time.

Challenging Environment

Most places aren't set up for productivity.

Tiny Presentations

Presenting one-on-one is limited by available hardware.


AV Integrator Solves Install Challenges with ViewSonic Products

ViewSonic's provides a multi-faceted solution to a design group.

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Portable Productivity That You Can See

A full suite of portable hardware and software solutions for the on-the-go professional

Plug-and-Play Screen Space

Double your digital workspace with ViewSonic's portable monitors and a one-cable USB-C solution.

A Big Picture in a Little Package

Portable projectors turn any space into your presentation and scale to your audience.

Visualize and Share with Ease

myViewBoard is a versatile, cloud-based presentation suite with mobile participation.

Get More Done Anywhere with ViewSonic's Total Mobile Solution


Set up high-quality portable displays anywhere.

  • Portable monitors for more screen real estate

  • Get big screens from small portable projectors

  • Digitizers and pen display for on-the-go work


Take myViewBoard wherever you work.

  • Draw and create with digital whiteboarding

  • Annotate and share

  • Sync with a variety of cloud-based collaboration tools 


Full support on all ViewSonic solutions for every member of your team.

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