How can I modify NMP711 slot-in PC serial number in BIOS?

There is no tool to modify serial number in BIOS for NMP711.

What is the colour temperature value in Kelvin for IFP7550 and IFP7560?

IFP7550 and IFP7560 color value shown below. Cold: 11000±500 K Standard:   9300±500 K Warm:   7500±500 K Blue light  filter: 4500~11000 K

When the vCastSender polls for available displays, how often does it poll?

Strongly recommend to have IFP50 connected by Ethernet cable and vCastSender client devices work on a stable 5G Hz Wi-Fi band, every vCastSender can input the screen PIN code for P2P connection directly no matter the panels stay at same/cross sub net network.

Will units not on the same sub net will they still appear on vCastReceiver list?

No, it’s cross sub net network limitation and please input screen PIN-code for casting connection.

I want to use one PC to connect 2 units of IFP7550 and the touch functions can be controlled by PC, is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. Please refer below connection image, then to use Windows to calibrate.

Can IFP7550 USB port share to external laptop?

No, IFP7550 USB port cannot share to external laptop, it only share to slot-in PC(VPC10 and VPC14).

How to change IFP7550 icon in Quick access button?

The icon in Quick access button(side tool bar) is fixed, user cannot change it.

What model can be installed to VB-STND-003?

VB-STND-003 supports ViewSonic display up to 75" .

What model can be installed to VB-STND-001?

VB-STND-001 supports ViewSonic display up to 86".

How long will IFP7550 turn off itself when no any operation in Embedded Player source?

IFP7550 won't turn off itself when it in Embedded Player source. You need to set Timer to schedule IFP7550 power on and off time.

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