I want to expand VPC14-WP RAM and SSD, what is the suggestion?

RAM and SSD are both standard interface, you can buy them on the market. For RAM, we suggest no more than 16GB x 2. (8GB x 2 for VPC10-WP)

Is it OK to use 10M HDMI cable to connect IFP50(HDMI out port) with project(HDMI in port)? What HDMI cable(brand) is recommend?

If possible, please use the HDMI cable shorter than 5M. If really need to use 10M HDMI cable, please to purchase high quality HDMI cable.

What's the difference if I'm running ViewBoard 2.1 with inactivated version?

Below features won't be included with ViewBoard 2.1 inactivated version. Handwriting:   Crescent Mode:   Page Ball Mode:   Pen (only 2 pens available):      

What are the type and rating for the fuse on LB-STND-005-3?

The Specs on Fuse: Current: 10A, Length: 20 mm.

Can I replace VPC10-WP SSD by myself?

VPC10-WP supports SATA SSD up to 1TB and support M.2 SSD up to 512GB. However, such replacement has to be done by ViewSonic Authorized repair centers.

ViewBoard Lite cannot import SVG file successfully, how can I do?

It is software limitation, ViewBoard Lite only can import SVG file that created by itself. 

What model include Chrome box bracket?

VB-STND-001, VB-STND-002, VB-STND-003, VB-STND-004 and Wall mount LB-WMK-047-2 and VB-WMK-001 include Chrome box bracket.

What is LAN communication setting for IFP8650?

The LAN Communication Setting for IFP8650 is shown below.

Does CDE7061T support CA credentials(Trusted credentials)?

CDE7061T does not support CA credentials(Trusted credentials).

When I use external PC to run ViewBoard 2.1 and to use hand recognition function, it cannot work normally, how can I do?

ViewBoard 2.1 supports English and Simplified Chinese hand recognition, you need to download English or Simplified Chinese Handwriting to Windows first.

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