Is it possible to have the slot-in pc power remains on while IFP screen’s off?

If you want slot-in pc stay powered on, short press the power button on the front panel or remote control to manually turn off the screen(backlight).

What can I do if the Viewboard is lagging?

We suggest refer to one of below cleaning methods.   1. Use the Side Tool Bar to clean all current processes.      2. Use vSweeper to clear memory and unwanted files.     3. Power off the Viewboard, then power it back on to clear all unnecessary data and close any running procedures.     Note: Using Browser/Chromium to play 1080...

Why isn't there any response while trying to connect IFP5550/IFP6550/IFP7550/IFP8650 by RS232?

1. A RS232 crossover cable and a RS232 adapter are included in the package of IFPxx50 series. Make sure to install both RS232 cable and adapter. 2. Make sure to set the communication settings below correctly     - Baud Rate Select: 9600bps (fixed)     - Data bits: 8 bits (fixed)     - Parity: None (fixed)     - Stop Bits: 1(fixed)  3.If...

How can I recovery VPC14-WP or VPC10-WP Windows OS?

You  can use the Recovery button that locate at VPC front panel to recovery the OS system.

What to do when the IFP firmware update process failed and cannot enter the system?

1. Find your product's model number and visit ViewSonic's website to download the firmware. 2. Save the *.zip file to a local disk. 3. Extract the firmware files to a USB drive. a. For Gen. 1 units (IFPxx50), extract 'upgrade_510’ folder to the root of your USB drive (FAT32).  b. For Gen. 2 units (IFPxx50-2/IFP50-2 EP), extract ‘upgrade_5...

What is the USB Type-C specification and video streaming compatible device by IFP6570 and IFP8670?

ViewSonic’s IFP6570 and IFP8670 USB Type-C port supports the below specifications: 1. DP alt mode: supported with DP1.4 (4K@60hz) 2. Power delivery specification: 60W (5V3A、9V3A、12V3A、15V3A、20V3A) 3. USB data transfer rate specification: USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) Note: USB Type-C refers to the connector type, not the capability of...

What to do if I want to power on IFP50 by RS232 LAN command?

1. You need to switch the Standby Mode to "Sleep" On IFP50. Please refer to this FAQ if you can not switch to this mode. 2. You can now use RS232 LAN command to power On/Off the IFP50 series.

How can I setup touch on extended display?

Please refer to this video.

What are the ViewBoard Network Requirements?

Please refer to the attached PDF. URL:

How can I freeze CDE7500/CDE8600 screen?

 You can press FREEZE button on remote control to freeze the screen.

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