Is there any recommended slot-in PC which can support vPro and TPM?

VPC14-WP-x and VPC12-WP-x can support both Intel® vPro and TPM 2.0.

What to do if an error message "No signal" appears on my IFP while connecting to an external device?

Please check IFP/device/cable:   1.Check settings on IFP. a. Please check and make sure the correct input source is selected. b. Try different HDMI port on IFP.   2.Please check setting on laptop/PC.    If a Windows-based notebook is connected, press "Windows Key + P" and make sure the Project       settings is either on Duplicate or Ext...

Where do I find IFP50/30/70 series touch driver for Mac?

Please download the touch driver for Mac in below link or visit the product page on our website.    IFP 50-1/50 Gen 1: Download IFP 30: Download IFP 50-2/50-2 EP/50 Gen2/50-3/50-3A/50-3B/50-3 Gen 3/70: Download

Can I use my Chromebook to cast on the screen of IFP?

Yes, please download and install the vCastSender on the Chrome Web Store.

What default app can be displayed in the ViewBoard vLauncher?

Below apps will be displayed in the ViewBoard vLauncher with firmware date after Jan/2021.    

How can I update preloaded apps on IFP?

When there is newer version, below Apps will be updated after connected IFP to internet.   AirPlay Whiteboard for Android vCastReceiver myViewBoard Manager myViewBoard Live myViewBoard Display

Can IFP7550 HDMI out show the annotation layer to second display?

Yes, the HDMI out on the IFP7550 will show the annotations on the second display.

How can I lock the menu and input function on IFP5550/IFP 6550/IFP7550/IFP8650?

Applied model: 1. Americas: IFP**50 - Gen 1, IFP**50 - Gen 2, IFP**50 - Gen 3. 2. Asia Pacific & Africa: IFP**50, IFP**50-2, IFP**50-3. 3. Europe: IFP**50, IFP**50-2EP, IFP**50-3EP.   Please refer either method below:   1.You will need to set combination key to “ON” at Debug menuàOther Settingà Combination key.   Then the menu and inpu...

When I login Google Drive or OneDrive, is it possible not to reveal the password letter by letter?

The login page is design by Google(Google Drive) or Microsoft(OneDrive), so we cannot change the typing password in the letters are visible and then hide design.

How to install custom apps in the Android module for IFP50 series displays?

Please follow below instructions to add apps:   The Android operating system is an open source platform that will allow you to install custom applications even when the Google Play store is not available. Follow the steps to begin installing custom applications.      1. Downloading the Application  a. Download the application (.apk) file ...

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