I can’t get the date and time auto sync for IFP7550, what’s the server address?

The server information shown below. NTP server: 2.android.pool.ntp.org UDP port: 123

I connect an amplifier to IFP7550 Audio output, the volume of the amp has to be set to at least 80% to at least be loud enough. Is it normal?

The Audio output level is adjustable, it will be changed when you adjust volume by front button or remote controller. Please to turn the volume up.

I cannot use ViewBoard 2.1 save a file to UNC path, how can I do?

ViewBoard 2.1 does not support UNC path, so user cannot use ViewBoard 2.1  to save file to a UNC path,

How can I select app that opened in the background?

You can click "Display all" icon that in side tool bar, then click the app that you want to use.

Cloud drive doesn’t remember logins, how can I do?

You can click the setting icon to entry privacy setting. To select "No Need", then cloudy drive won't log out automatically.

I want to save meeting notes as encrypted by using ViewBoard 2.1, how can I do?

ViewBoard 2.1 has no encryption option.

Why won’t my IFP accept my WIFI password?

Password characters that are supported in any combination are listed below. Highlighted in green are compatible characters in a WIFI password.   Numeric values: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 Characters: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ , { } [ ] | \ / < > . ` ~ : ; “ ‘ =

Unable to wake up Intel NUC when connected to an IFP50-2 series display

If you are experiencing difficulty waking up your Intel NUC computer while it is connected to the IFP50-2, please follow the steps below. Requirements: ● IFP50-2 Series Display ● Intel NUC (10th Gen) ● Intel NUC: Aptio V BIOS (Models after 2019) Instructions: 1. Power on the Intel NUC and tap F2 upon the boot splash screen. ...

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