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From Exhibitions to Conferences: 5 Benefits of Foldable LED Displays for Events

From art exhibitions and sports bars to trade shows and conferences, LED Displays for events are quickly proving themselves to be the go-to solution for any occasion. The benefits are many, extending well beyond superior viewing experiences. This impressive technological advancement unlocks new levels of audiovisual immersion and intuitive operation.

Keep reading to learn about the 5 benefits of LED displays for events, or discover more about the ViewSonic Foldable All-in-One LED Display. 

In the dynamic world of event organization, one goal stands above all others: crafting an experience that lingers in the hearts and minds of all participants. Whether it’s a bustling trade show, a thought-provoking conference, or an electrifying game, the success of an event hinges on capturing attention, engaging audiences, and leaving a profound and lasting impression. 

LED displays for events help organizers achieve this quest for excellence, revolutionizing the industry’s landscape. These vibrant and versatile All-in-One displays can transform ordinary events into awe-inspiring spectacles. The most advanced type among them comes in a foldable and mobile design, thus offering huge flexibility of use. On top of that, they can be set up in just 10 minutes by two regular Joes, saving time, budget, and hassle. 

With a contemporary design comprising a grid-free, expansive and edge-to-edge screen, your guests are in for a treat when they experience the display’s 120% Rec.709 color gamut, which delivers sharper and more lifelike color reproduction. Let’s not forget that the large display sizes also offer premium visibility – key for bigger audiences. But there’s so much more to LED displays than just the display screen.  From intuitive operation to easy setup, this blog post will unpack all the must-know features and the incredible benefits they deliver. 

LED Display Types 

There are quite a few display models and technologies on the market, so it can be easy to get confused. This article focuses on the all-in-one LED displays which are the latest LED technology iteration and offer the best equipment. However, if you’d like to find out more about how display technology has progressed, take a look at this detailed comparison between LCD video walls, Traditional LEDs, and All-in-One-LED displays.

All-in-One LED displays integrate the display screen, image stitching, power supply, and control system in one device. The best models out there will also have built-in high-quality audio, like Harman Kardon speakers, delivering impressive sound for a captivating audiovisual experience. This is revolutionary because in the past you needed to lug around additional components and boxes just to be able to switch on the display. With this option, you’re ready to present right out of the box with just the press of a button. 

Foldable All-in-One LED Displays for Events 

All-in-One LED displays, eagerly adopted in modern workplaces or educational environments, are mainly known as fixed models. But what if you wanted to freely move your display and transport it between rooms, floors, venues or even cities and countries?  

There’s also a solution for that! Foldable All-in-One LED displays are mobile, extremely user-friendly, and are perfect for moving between exhibitions, music or sports events, trade shows. The easy transportation and versatility make Foldable All-in-One LED displays perfect for LED video wall rental businesses.


Foldable All-in-One
LED Display

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5 Benefits of Foldable LED Displays for Events  

With their visual capability and flexible versatility, Foldable All-in-One LED Displays have ushered in a new era of creative possibilities for event organizers. Let’s dive deeper and see what advantages they bring to the table: 

1.Ease of Transportation and Storage 

Gone are the days of lugging heavy and cumbersome equipment for roadshows or pop-up events. Foldable LED displays for events are designed with mobility in mind. Their built-in motorized stand with 360-degree silent wheels allows for effortless transportation within and between buildings. Additionally, these foldable LED displays fit into a movable flight case, guaranteeing easy storage and shipment through various modes of delivery, such as trucks, planes, and ships. 

The best model, ViewSonic’s LDS135-152, is seamless upon unfolding. This reduces the packaging size of the flight case, allowing it to fit not only in traditional freight elevators, but also in larger passenger elevators. This smaller storage size allows the kit to be stored in smaller spaces, making it perfect for hotels, resorts, and rental businesses.  

Case Study

Foldable All-in-One LED Display
at Bankstown Sports Event

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2.Easy Setup 

Setting up a trade show display used to be quite a frustrating challenge. There were too many parts to count, you needed to hire a professional setup team, and it took ages to unpack and install the device.  

Foldable LED displays address these issues completely, enabling event organizers to focus on delivering a successful event without worrying about technical intricacies. All the components come pre-assembled so you don’t need to worry that there might be something missing.

This also streamlines the setup process, which takes only about 10 minutes, even for those without technical expertise. The silent wheels of the LDS135-152 means that you can take the display wherever your heart desires. On top of that, you can also adjust the display’s height with its built-in motorized floor, optimizing your audience’s viewing experience for any occasion.  

3.Versatile Applications 

Whether it’s a product launch, a keynote speech, a sports game public viewing, or a music band performance, foldable LED displays elevate the overall event experience and atmosphere. The high-brightness and seamless large screen can effortlessly blend into various scenarios and display clear visuals even in the presence of ambient light. 

Foldable All-in-One LED Displays can adapt to various event settings and purposes, making them ideal for a wide range of applications such as: 

  • Captivating trade show backdrops for exhibitors 
  • High-resolution presentations for keynote speakers at conferences 
  • Unforgettable spaces for public viewings of sports events 
  • A stage for banquets, gala dinners, or wedding ceremonies 
  • LED video wall rentals that provide cutting-edge technology without a long-term commitment 
  • On-site hotel equipment 
  • An immersive environment that elevates live performances  

And no matter if it’s for business or entertainment, getting a foldable LED display will satisfy needs for all different kinds of scenarios. Its flexibility and agility make the kit ready to use in plethora of environments and occasions, proving itself an invaluable device. 

Use Scenarios of Foldable Led Displays For Events

4.Premium Experience for the Guests 

Picture a bustling trade show floor with an All-in-One LED display transforming the booth that houses it into a magnet, drawing attendees in with its vibrant visuals and dynamic content. Or a conference, where a speaker takes the stage, backed by a massive LED display on wheels that complements their words with mesmerizing graphics, and videos. After hours, enter an NBA All-Star game night in a sports bar filled with palpable excitement as the display broadcasts every thrilling moment in stunning detail, allowing spectators to feel like they are part of the action.  

With colors that invite you inside the screen and high brightness (look for 600 nits) that can be adjusted, it’s easy to be amazed by the exceptional clarity on display. Every detail is clearly discernible in both bright or dim lighting conditions, complemented by pristine sound from Harman Kardon speakers for a cinematic audiovisual feast. 

5.Reduced Overall Cost 

For those looking to maximize their return on investment, foldable LED displays provide a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. Since the display is movable, you can simply get one instead of several displays fixed in different locations. This substantially reduces overall costs in transportation, installation, maintenance, and operation compared to traditional display solutions.  


The foldable screen allows for a smaller packaging size, reducing transportation costs. You don’t need a big team of people to bring it or worry about renting a humongous vehicle and forklift to deliver and unload it, either. This makes transporting the display in various locations convenient compared to other large format displays. 

Setup and Maintenance 

As mentioned before, the pre-assembled kit greatly reduces setup costs by eliminating the need to hire a technical setup crew and ensures zero downtime. Furthermore, the displays’ modular design enables frontside maintenance through hot swapping of individual modules, which is easy and time efficient. This is especially beneficial for businesses that operate long hours and need to be available year-round such as shopping malls, exhibition centers, sports bars, or business lounges. 


These all-in-one displays can be used straight out of the box, without the need for special training or AV installers for setup. What makes the foldable displays even more approachable is that you don’t need a specialized technician to operate them, either. Additionally, the wireless casting enables anyone to use it comfortably. This translates into cost savings and heightened convenience for users, renters, and staff. 

Foldable All In One Led Display The Best Available Large Display Solution

Final Thoughts 

If you’re an event organizer who frequently holds events or wishes to add LED video wall rental to its service portfolio, having Foldable All-in-One Displays would be beneficial. These displays are not bound by a single wall or space but are defined by their mobility and versatility. From easy transportation and storage to cost-effectiveness and versatility, foldable LED displays are a time and resource-efficient solution that enhances the overall success of events through their numerous benefits. Offering convenience, flexibility, and stunning visuals, they are the go-to-choice for hosting a wide range of events.  

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