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Streamline Campus Communication


Discover in this flyer how ViewSonic Manager simplifies device management, streamlining campus communication to foster a sense of community and security.

Benefits of Campus Communication

Effective communication on campus significantly benefits educational institutions. It not only improves the quality of school announcements, ensuring that crucial information is shared effectively and engagingly but also enhances campus security. By keeping everyone informed, especially during critical times, it promotes safety and awareness.

Scenario 5 Campus Communication

Challenges in Campus Communication

Navigating the intricate interfaces of device management software can be a daunting task for staff in educational institutions, especially when faced with the challenge of managing devices across a vast campus. This makes the bottom line clear: there is a need for a user-friendly, comprehensive central device management solution.

Why ViewSonic Manager?

ViewSonic Manager offers a web-based, centralized remote device management platform that integrates smoothly with ViewSonic ViewBoards, presentation displays, and ViewBoard Box paired devices. This fosters campus engagement by enabling the effortless broadcasting of multimedia content and the automated dissemination of emergency information through integration with Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) services.

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