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OLF: A New Standard for Digital Whiteboarding

Faced with the challenges of integrating diverse EdTech platforms, Educational Institutions often experience complex and costly EdTech migration processes. Adding to this challenge, traditional digital whiteboarding formats are limited in features and tied to proprietary hardware, so they fail to meet the long-term needs of schools.

ViewSonic provides a future-proof solution to these challenges: the Open Learning Format (OLF). OLF, as a fresh, device-agnostic, and user-friendly standard for digital whiteboarding, smoothly integrates with schools’ existing hardware and empowers the delivery of engaging lessons. This cross-device compatible file format offers:

  • Seamless integration of multimedia content into lesson plans for interactive and collaborative learning.
  • A future-proof file format capable of accommodating diverse media types and emerging EdTech trends.
  • Access to OLF learning materials from the ViewSonic Educator Community and myViewBoard Originals.

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Read more about why OLF is the best choice for digital whiteboards or take a look at ViewSonic’s Education solutions for more valuable insights into transforming classrooms with EdTech. 

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