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Hybrid Workplace Design: A Balanced Approach for Maximum Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

A couple of years ago, a few predicted hybrid working to become the future dominant workplace model. However, the corporate reality we are witnessing today is vastly different from what workplaces used to be. While many advocate for the benefits of hybrid working, creating a hybrid workplace that works for both employers and employees according to their cultures presents challenges that need to be addressed. 

Failing to prepare for the hybrid working model can drastically reduce efficiency and result in flawed communications, so testing out some hybrid workplace arrangements and equipping employees with the right work setup and tools is important. This strategy will help you to take a balanced approach to designing a hybrid workplace that you and your employees can thrive within. 

According to a Forrester survey, 90% of organizations use technology for hybrid working in some form or another. By integrating proper equipment with effective communication, creating a successful hybrid workplace that facilitates easy collaboration between all employees, regardless of whether they are in or out of the office, is possible. 

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ViewSonic, with its strong reputation and decades of experience in delivering visual solutions, has been supporting businesses of all sizes all around the world with their transition to hybrid working models. We’ve consolidated our firsthand insights into an eBook that details: 

  • An introduction to hybrid work scenarios 
  • The benefits and challenges of hybrid working 
  • A deep-dive analysis of work-from-home, portable workstation, and in-office setups 
  • How employers can design a hybrid workplace 

Read more about how the hybrid work model boosts employee morale or take a look at ViewSonic’s workplace solutions page for more valuable insights into the modern workplace. 

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