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to 75Hz IPS Monitors

Smoother Scrolling | Better Video Quality | Easier on the eyes | Better Gaming Performance

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What Benefits You Can Get?

Smoother Scrolling

So much of modern work deals with viewing and processing data. ViewSonic 75Hz IPS monitors make a huge difference both in eye health and quickly understanding what’s on screen. Compared with traditional 60Hz, a higher refresh rate improves the entire computing experience by reducing motion blur in text, graphics, data, and even your cursor. ViewSonic 75Hz IPS monitors make your computer do everything smoother – either dragging your cursor across a window or scrolling a website.

Better Video Quality

Higher refresh rates result in smoother, more realistic on-screen media. More images per second can also significantly reduce motion blur, which can make a huge difference in video quality and gaming experiences. Compared with traditional 60Hz ones, ViewSonic 75Hz IPS monitors are 25% better. And you can expect a noticeable improvement in media quality without having to upgrade to a high-performance display.

Easier on the eyes

Clearer and more natural motion on screen can go a long way towards better eye health. In fact, at lower refresh rates you may even start to notice a flicker, which can cause a wide range of vision problems and challenges.

ViewSonic 75Hz IPS monitors go a long way towards protecting your eyes. Even a small difference like 60Hz vs 75Hz can make a huge difference over time.

Better Gaming Performance

Though there are monitors specializing in gaming performance, it’s not always possible to get a high-end monitor just for entertainment. However, raising the bar by just 15Hz can make a world of difference in not only game enjoyment but also performance.

With ViewSonic 75Hz IPS monitors can provide more frames per second (fps) the monitor can support, leading to a considerably smoother gaming experience.

Better Color and Viewing Angles

ViewSonic 75Hz IPS monitors deliver vivid colors with consistent levels of brightness no matter the vantage point. With SuperClear IPS panel technology, ViewSonic 75Hz IPS monitors deliver the same image quality whether you are looking at the screen from above, below, the front, or the sides.

What’s the Difference Between 60Hz and 75Hz?

While 60Hz has been the bare minimum for decades, a 75Hz monitor offers an accessible upgrade.

Sometimes more is just more. Higher refresh rates results in smoother video, less strain on the eyes, and even improved performance in competitive gaming. Even if that jump is a modest increase from 60Hz to 75Hz, there is a noticeable improvement in media quality.

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