ViewSonic Releases 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report

(July 4, 2022) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, released its 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report, providing an update on the company’s progress and performance in pushing sustainability. The latest report outlined its improved corporate governance practices in product design, environmental protection, employee relationship management, and community participation.

While 2021 has been a challenging year due to COVID-19, ViewSonic leveraged its technology expertise to support the world in moving forward. The company has introduced new solutions to support people in adapting to the new normal. It has upgraded all solutions and services from on-site to on-line, so people - from its customers to partners and employees can stay safe anywhere, all while staying connected with others.

With new modes of learning emerging, ViewSonic developed several future-proof EdTech solutions, such as the myViewBoard Classroom 3.0, to enhance teaching-learning experiences remotely. Its professional development programs have conducted numerous training courses for schools globally to help the educators get ready for modern technologies.

Moreover, new portable monitors and pen displays were introduced to assist with work and study from anywhere. On the same note, ViewSonic also launched a variety of LED projectors, such as the X series and the portable M series, for entertainment and work from home, building a safer and more eco-friendly environment with lamp-free projectors.

Initiatives contributing to the communities have taken place around the globe to spread positive energy, including partnerships with county governments to build teacher training bases in Taiwan; an outdoor cinema at Reyhanli Centre for World Citizens in Turkey to foster cultural exchange and learning, it benefited 750 people of the border between Turkey and Syria; Chi Po-lin “Reflection of Rivers” Program raised people’s awareness by demonstrating the effect that urbanization has had on the beauty of our natural rivers; the Lingua Masters program in Germany to offer German language courses to local refugees; and the annual ColorPro Award to provide a platform for creatives to connect around the world.

Guided by the value of empowering a sustainable world with advanced visual solutions, ViewSonic has always stood by customers and will continue to invest its core competencies to drive innovations.

Highlights of the ViewSonic’s 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report

Sustainability Governance

  • Interactive Flat Panels (IFP) under Large-Format Display (LFD) business grew 95%, compared to the market growth of 24%; projector business grew 7.5% compared to the market growth of 2.6%; monitor business grew 2.5%.
  • Strengthened and expanded the myViewBoard ecosystem, obtaining over 5 million users worldwide in 2021 (Surpassed 6 million in May 2022).
  • Launched the pioneering “Ecosystem as a Service (EaaS)” program to optimize communication between customers and partners, bringing all stakeholders in the education ecosystem together to increase efficiency in the development process. The pilot program in Taiwan saw collaboration between K-12 schools, universities, government, and media outlets, building a community of education for customers.

Our Innovation

  • Projectors: 100% of LED and laser (lamp-free) projectors use mercury-free light sources; 100% of projector models have passed the testing against International Safety Standard IEC 62368.
  • Monitors: 90% of the company’s VG series are EPEAT certified, with the VG2455 and VG2755 both receiving EPEAT Gold certification in 2021; VG2448a-2 and VG2748a-2 were certified with TCO Certified Generation 9; Launched 5 monitor models for creators with color blindness features, enabling color blindness people to successfully identify color differences at 90%.
  • Large-Format Displays: 70% of LFD models are Energy Star certified and 100% of LFD models include flicker-free and blue light filter functions. In 2021, Low Blue Light from Hardware technology was newly added to protect the eyes of end users.
  • Software: myViewBoard ecosystem exceeded 5 million users, with the platform being used in more than 5,000 organizations around the world.

Committed to the Environment

  • Integrated ISO 50001 energy management system into existing ISO 14001:2015 to set targets for reducing energy use in the office.
  • Minimized product carbon footprint in GHG emissions and energy usage, conserving water and reducing landfill waste.
  • Measured carbon footprints of 68 models, which has grown by 4 times compared to 2020.
  • 100% of products are designed to meet and exceed WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) requirements.
  • 100% of selling LFD & Projector models shipped without Compact Disc (CD) wizard.

Responsible Supply Chain

  • 100% of Tier 1 suppliers are certified with ISO9001/ ISO14001.
  • Complied with responsible minerals sourcing policy: smelter and refiner conformant rate is up to 95.5% in 2021.
  • 85.7% of our Tier 1 suppliers are certified with ISO45001: Occupational Health & Safety.

Committed to Customers

  • No significant fines and non-monetary sanctions related to the health and well-being features of ViewSonic products.
  • No cases were brought through dispute resolution mechanisms.

Committed to Employees

  • Employee turnover rate remains stably below 5%.
  • 100% of senior management personnel in headquarter is hired locally.
  • Female–to-Male employee base salary ratio is 1:1.

Committed to Community

  • Organized the ColorPro Award global event to inspire the world.
  • The collaboration with Taiwan-Reyhanli Center for World Citizens, 750 people of the border between Turkey and Syria have benefited from the outdoor cinema in Turkey.
  • Chi Po-lin “Reflection of Rivers” Program raised awareness of people’s shared responsibility for conservation.

To learn more about ViewSonic’s 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report, click here to access the full report.