ViewSonic Announces New Partnership with FATE Esports

ViewSonic announces a new partnership with FATE Esports.

ViewSonic announces a new partnership with FATE Esports.
London, UK (April 18, 2024) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, is excited to announce a one-year partnership with FATE Esports, a leading force in the world of competitive gaming. As a global organization, FATE Esports has established esports teams in the MENA region, which are revered in some of the most prestigious titles in competitive gaming. Through this partnership, ViewSonic GAMING will equip FATE’s esports facility in Amman, Jordan, with premium gaming monitors that will enhance performance for global players and support their participation in various gaming events.

Headquartered in Jordan, FATE Esports is renowned for its championship players, establishing a formidable presence in major esports tournaments and earning recognition as one of the greatest esports organizations in Tekken’s history. The partnership commenced during the Tekken World Tour Finals 2023 in New Orleans, where FATE’s players, including former world champion Atif Butt, proudly displayed ViewSonic's logo on their jerseys. With more announcements and social campaigns anticipated later this year, the strategic alliance aims to enhance FATE Esports' gaming setup and boost ViewSonic's visibility in the competitive gaming world.

ViewSonic enhances FATE's training facility with premium gaming monitors for peak performance.

ViewSonic enhances FATE's training facility with premium gaming monitors for peak performance.

Oscar Lin, General Manager of the Monitor Business Unit at ViewSonic, said, “Seeing the surging popularity of fighting games, we are very proud to partner with FATE Esports, especially for its world-renowned Tekken team. This partnership is a testament to ViewSonic's dedication to empowering professional gamers across all genres to achieve their esports dreams through our top-notch gaming monitors. We will remain steadfast in delivering cutting-edge technology and comprehensive products to meet the wide-ranging needs of the gaming community.”

Mohammad Majali, CEO of FATE Esports, added, “ViewSonic's gaming monitors have proven to be essential tools for professional gamers seeking low latency and high frame rate displays with excellent picture quality. We are dedicated to providing our players and facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, and our partnership with ViewSonic is crucial in achieving that goal. We are very excited for this collaboration.”

ViewSonic's gaming monitors are tailored to meet the needs of gamers at every skill level, providing exceptional speed, stunning visuals, and precisely crafted features. These monitors deliver outstanding gaming experiences, catering to both hardcore enthusiasts who meticulously construct gaming rigs and casual players embarking on gaming adventures during their leisure time.

For more information, please visit ViewSonic GAMING and FATE Esports online.

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