ViewSonic AirPen

  • Plug-and-present instant activation
  • Stylus and air mouse functionality
  • Laser pointer and spotlight features available on select ViewBoard models
  • Curved design accommodates right and left-handed users
  • Precisely positioned buttons for seamless navigation
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Take your presentations to the next level with the VB-PEN-007 AirPen. Boasting air mouse, digital laser pointer, and spotlight functions, this plug-and-present stylus equips presenters with the tools they need to express their ideas confidently. Simply connect it to any ViewBoard or compatible touch device to enjoy greater freedom of movement and a natural, pen-on-paper writing experience during presentations.

Annotate with Ease

Deliver enriching lessons and presentations your way. Switch between the AirPen's thick and thin tips* based on your needs by simply flipping the pen, and enjoy a genuine pen-on-paper writing experience on all ViewBoards and compatible IR and PCAP devices. Disclaimer: *Thin tip only compatible with IR devices
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Intuitive Navigation

Confidently present by connecting the AirPen. Combining spotlight, air mouse, and laser pointer functions, it empowers you to move freely for impactful presentations—all while maintaining effortless control over myViewBoard, PowerPoint, Google Slides, Acrobat Reader, and other applications.


      Forget the hassle of Bluetooth pairing and driver installations. Simply plug the USB dongle into compatible ViewBoard models to gain instant access to air mouse, laser pointer, and spotlight functions, allowing you to navigate slides and command attention with ease. Disclaimer: Laser pointer and spotlight functions are available only on compatible ViewBoard models that run on Android OS.
      Plug-and-present 1

      Ergonomic Design

      The AirPen boasts a curved shape that accommodates both left- and right-handed presenters, delivering a comfortable writing position for all. Its conveniently placed control buttons, right under the fingertips, ensure seamless navigation through slides and content without interruptions.
      Ergonomic Design 1

      Dimensions & I/O Ports

      1. USB 2.4GHz dongle
      2. Previous page
      3. Air Mouse
      4. Next page
      5. Power Switch
      6. Type-C Port
      7. Volume Control


      • Výkon
        Spotřeba: 43 mA (on) / 100 uA (off)
      • USAGE TIME
        4 hours with full charge / Enter sleep mode after 20 min of inactivity