myViewBoard for Education

A full-featured digital whiteboarding suite to connect people, technology, and tools in one interactive space.

myViewBoard is a complete digital whiteboarding solution

The full suite of tools, features, and functions provides a place to

Prepare and deliverengaging lessons

Promote classroom interaction

Present ideas visually


  • Works across different devices and platforms
  • Packed with tools and features beyond a whiteboard
  • Works with all ViewSonic ViewBoards


  • Integrated cloud storage
  • Built in educational video teaching platform
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Powerful digital whiteboarding

    Providing you the best digital whiteboarding experience with our most complete suite of tools, features, and functions.

  • Created for collaboration

    Built for educators and professionals to visually express their ideas and get the audience participating.

  • Cloud integrated and secure

    Integrated directly with your cloud service for the best mobility. Built on AWS for enterprise-grade security.

  • Empower your IT team with central control

    Remotely control accounts, accessibility, and privileges while monitoring usage data.

    Take your whiteboard with you!

    Simply login via QR code for instant access to your pen presets, personalized canvases and saved lesson content. When you’re done, just logout and leave the ViewBoard digital whiteboard free for the next teacher to use.

    Stick with what you know or give something new a go.

    Convert, edit and share existing content saved in .iwb, .notebook, .ppt and .pdf formats. Enliven your lessons by incorporating online content, apps and tools via myViewBoard’s built-in Chrome browser.

    Captivate your kids by seamlessly weaving digital content into lessons.

    Make teaching from the front of class a thing of the past.

    Throw images to ViewBoard screen

    Cast-out to all devices

    Cast-in from any device

    Engage your class by allowing students to share, as well as remotely edit images and canvases in real-time. Give students more attention by controlling and annotating on the ViewBoard from anywhere in class.

    Save time and make teaching easier with 3 essential tools.

    Lesson Record

    Record lessons for students to review the day’s lesson content after class.

    AI Write

    Render even the messiest of handwriting as easy-to-read text.

    AI Draw

    Turn sketches into Google image searches with an AI-enabled pen tool.


    • When it came to whiteboarding, myViewBoard allowed students and teachers to bring things in from the internet into the canvas, building canvases on the fly.”

      Vicky Broome, Teacher at St Paul's
      Catholics College

    • They are finding the information that they need much more quickly than before. And the students now have instant access to all of the notes that they make in class."

      Sue Childs, Math's Teacher at Ashford School, Kent

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