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Boost Productivity from Anywhere

Empower your workforce to engage, communicate and share ideas from remote locations and in the office.

Is Your Workforce Productive Anywhere?

a group of peoplea group of people

In an increasingly mobile world, a lack of in-person communication can leave hybrid workers feeling disconnected from their peers in other locations.

two people having a conversationtwo people having a conversation

Collaboration is a crucial part of any organization. However, companies may experience a lack of teamwork if they do not have the proper tools in place.

a group of people with one speakinga group of people with one speaking

Hybrid workers may find it difficult to set up a suitable workspace or conduct a meeting when they are working remotely.

Assigning group projects and presentations is challenging when communication is limited between in-class and at-home students.

Not having a quality webcam makes it hard for your students to see you, and ultimately hinders your ability to provide engaging lessons.

Supplementing lesson plans with YouTube and Facebook may keep students more interested, but importing content from these platforms can be difficult.


Insight Seeks to Improve Meeting Start-up Time and User Experience

Global Solution Provider Gains Conference Room Ease

ViewSonic Hybrid Workspace Solutions

a tablet casting a photo of a finch wirelessly to a viewboard displaya tablet casting a photo of a finch wirelessly to a viewboard display

Connected from Anywhere

With portable displays and integrated webcam monitors remote employees can be as productive and connected as employees working in the office.

a woman in a conference call with nine childrena woman in a conference call with nine children

Collaborative Conference Rooms

Whether it's a quick meeting or a long strategy session, interactive displays with whiteboard technology will give your team what it needs to be successful.

a teacher in front of a classroom presenting on a large format displaya teacher in front of a classroom presenting on a large format display

Portable and Productive

Perfect for road warriors, our portable monitors deliver productivity when traveling or working remotely. They’re easy to pack alongside your laptop, while USB-C connectivity delivers single-cable plug-and-play.

Why ViewSonic Enterprise

Monitor, ViewBoard and projector


A high-quality display makes a huge difference in optimizing your workstation.


Top-quality screens with excellent resolution and color accuracy

Ergonomic features to prevent repetivity strain injury and

A single-cable USB-C connection for all data and power

Computer with gears icon


Optimize your workflow with ViewSonic's purpose-built software.


ViewSplit for easy splitscreen productivity

vDisplay Manager to improve your viewing experience

myViewBoard allows easy remote presentation or teamwork

Person saying something important icon


A simple setup right out of the box gets your workstation up and running right away.

VESA-compatible mount

4-step assembly

Green package designed for easy disposal

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