How to use group and private chat?

Instruction for Chats Channel Chat Notification Channel Channel box is on the left sidebar. The  channel on the bottom left is the list to show Space, Classroom, Group or Friend. Click in the channel and you are able to chat with the group. Space: Here will show the organization you currently belong to. If you have created classro...

How to boost participation?

In the control bar on the right side of the UNIVERSE classroom, click on the attendance list icon to view the current status of the students. You can use the dice icon in the lower right corner to randomly select a student to answer a question. You can also reward a student by clicking on the star icons. This function boots participation by enc...

Why use emojis for feedback and encouragement?

With visually prominent emojis, you will never miss the opportunity to give the right feedback and engagement. Let students communicate their reactions in a simpler and faster way.

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