What to do if the image shows keystone effect from the projector?

When you see below situation, please follow below instructions to adjust:   If the projector supports Auto Keystone or Vertical keystone, please try to turn on or manually adjust by referring to user guide. If possible, put the projector on the flat surface and make sure projector lens and screen are in a 90-degree angle.  

How to change the projector image orientation

Open the projector Menu and go to System Setting: Basic> Projector Position and choose one of the four available options: Front Table Rear Table Ceiling Front Ceiling

How to play 3D content from Blu-Ray player to projectors?

1. Here are the hardware requirements to play 3D content below.     a. 3D ready projector     b. 3D Blu-Ray player     c. 3D content     d. Active 3D glasses 144Hz     e. HDMI Premium Certificate cable   2. Here is the playback process below.       a. Connect the 3D Blu-Ray player to the 3D capable projector via HDMI cable.       b. T...

There is no video when using HDMI port

If you are experiencing problems using HDMI input: Confirm the HDMI input is selected. Plug in the projector first, and then turn on the PC. Replace the HDMI cable, sometimes a cable may go bad. Try another signal type if available for example: VGA, DVI, DisplayPort. Test the projector on a different computer with a HDMI port to make sure...

Projector turns on initially but then cycles off

Projectors may shut off for a couple different reasons. If the projector over heats, check to see if there is enough ventilation for air to be circulated around the unit. Make sure fans are running and that there is no obstruction. Let it cool, clear obstructions and check fans when turning the unit back on. After market lamps may cause a...

Purchased replacement parts

Parts can be purchased from our parts store. Go to https://www.viewsonic.com/parts/

How to clean the projector lens

To clean the projector lens, do the following: Apply a non-abrasive camera lens cleaner to a soft, lint-free cloth. Do NOT spray the cleaner directly onto the lens. Avoid abrasive cleaners/solvent, as they may permanently damage the lens. In a circular motion gently wipe the lens clean. Replace lens cap if projector is not to be used.

Where can I find ViewSonic projector distance calculator?

Please go to Projector Distance Calculator. Enter the desired distance from the screen to calculate the image dimensions. Try different distance values until you find the desired image size.

The image is out of focus

Make sure that you have set it to its native resolution. Check the user guide to determine what the native resolution of the display is and set it to the native resolution if  the video source that is being used can support it. Digital signals (HDMI, DisplayPort) normally produce sharper images. If you are using a VGA or analog signal try to s...

How to do when my screen doesn’t display native resolution after Windows 10 update?

Windows update may cause some issues with screen resolution setting being lost, Please follow below steps to change the resolution of the screen and check: Type Change screen resolution in the Search box from the desktop  and click   Change screen resolution of the display.   Under Display Resolution select Recommended resolution. A wi...

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