How to group students before class in UNIVERSE Manager

Before grouping students, you will need to add students to the class first. If you don't know the process, please visit How to add students to a class in UNIVERSE Manager.

1. To assign students to groups, simply log in to UNIVERSE Manager and click on the "Classroom" tab on the left menu.

2. Click on the class you'd create groups in.

3. Click "+" in the "Group Up List" section.

4. Fill in the group name, choose the group size from the dropdown menu, and click "Save".

5. Then, you will see all the groups in this section. Click "Save" again to confirm the groups.

6. Now, you can see an overview of how many groups have been created in class, how many students are assigned to each group, and how many students are unassigned. You can also Duplicate, or Delete the group.

If you've followed the instructions above but still cannot group students, please let us know.

Last modified: Jul 2023