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Why ViewSonic Business/Education LED Projectors?

Energy Efficient

Low Maintenance

Bright Visuals

Vibrant Colours

More Features

Save Up on Total Cost

Energy Efficient

Saving on Energy Bills

Low Maintenance

No Lamp Cost, No Labour Cost

Save £785 on Energy Bills*

ViewSonic LED Projector

Traditional Lamp Projector

780W (5 unit)
1300W (5 unit)
Energy Cost
£1180 (5 unit)
£1965 (5 unit)
*DIsclaimer: This claim is made based on 5 years usage for 5 units, on an average of 6 hours per day, 5 days a week. Energy cost based on UK average price as of June 2022.

Save another £795 on Maintenance*

ViewSonic LED Projector

No lamp cost or Maintenance


Traditional Lamp Projector

Light Bulbs + Maintenance

£159 (per unit)

*DIsclaimer: This claim is made based on 5 years usage for 5 units, with an estimation of 1 lamp replacement per unit including labour cost.

Superior Most Advanced 3rd Generation LED Technology

Bright Visuals

Adopting the most efficient light source choice ams OSRAM's Ostar Projection Power LED technology, the ViewSonic LS5 series projectors have a high brightness of 3,000 LED lumens featuring a WXGA resolution that offers impressive visual performance being in a brightly lit classroom or meeting room. The digital lens shift function allows for flexible installation and with a lamp life of up to 30,000 hours, it effectively reduces lamp replacement and maintenance costs.
  • Short Throw Ratio LS550WH
  • Standard Throw Ratio LS500WH
Cinema SuperColor+™ Technology Normal

Vibrant Colours

Adopting ViewSonic’s exclusive Cinema SuperColor+™ Technology, ViewSonic LS5 series projectors deliver stunning true-to-life colours and bring your presentation to life. 125% Rec.709 wide colour gamut ensures a rich, true-to-life colour experience.

ViewSonic Business/Education LED Projectors


High Brightness WXGA LED Business/Education Projector

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High Brightness WXGA Short Throw LED Business/Education Projector

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More Advanced Features


    The ViewSonic LS5 series projectors can freely rotate at any angle vertically to aid with creative applications, allowing projection onto ceilings, walls, or angled signage.


    Eliminate waiting times before and after use with instant power on/off capability, delivering immediate full brightness for timely starts with no cooling period required.


    LED Technology does not warm up like Lamp Technology, requiring less cooling with fan therefore it has very low noise level.


    LED Technology is free from toxic mercury making it more respectful for the environment and health than a lamp based projector.

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