Wirelessly broadcast the content of your computer, tablet, or smartphone screens to ViewBoard Displays.​

  • Streamline meeting setup with screen casting, annotation, and touch-screen input.​
  • Cast from ViewBoard to audience, or audience to ViewBoard with Two-Way Casting.​
  • ViewBoard to ViewBoard screen mirroring with Grouping Mode.​
  • Control the flow of presentations by managing audience devices with Moderator Mode.​
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome operating systems.


From the conference room to the classroom, vCast makes big-picture collaboration and creation easier than ever by using your laptop, smartphone, or tablet with a ViewBoard® display. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Chrome operating systems, vCast makes wireless screen casting effortless and accessible. Featuring split-screen support for up to four devices (unlimited with vCast Pro), vCast ignites brainstorming sessions as you annotate documents and multimedia on a ViewBoard. Stay in command during presentations with Moderator Mode, while vCast’s remote-control support allows you to move freely across the stage for more impactful delivery.

Tailored for the Hybrid Workplace​

Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome, Android, and iOS, vCast allows attendees to wirelessly cast to a ViewBoard, bringing meetings to life. From real-time annotation and multimedia sharing to convenient presentation control, vCast streamlines meetings and empowers hybrid collaboration.​
Tailored for the Hybrid Workplace​ 1

Two-Way Casting

Two-way casting makes presenting more flexible for any meeting space. With a simple click, presenters can wirelessly cast from the ViewBoard to any compatible computer, tablet or smartphone in the room, while the audience can seamlessly transmit content back. Never miss a detail, even from the back of the room.
▲【Cast to ViewBoard 】         
▼【Receive content from ViewBoard 】
Two-Way Casting 1 Two-Way Casting 2

Control Casting Devices with a Tap​

vCast expands the ViewBoard’s touchscreen functionality to connected Windows, Mac, and Android devices. With the touch of a finger, scroll through documents or switch between slides on the ViewBoard for presentations that feel natural and fluid.​
Control Casting Devices with a Tap​ 1

Make ViewBoard an Extended Screen for Presentations

Need more screen space? vCast allows you to extend your screen to the ViewBoard effortlessly. Keep your important presentation notes and private content discreetly displayed on your personal screen while simultaneously broadcasting presentation content and multimedia for your audience to the ViewBoard.
Make ViewBoard an Extended Screen for Presentations 1

VLAN Flexibility

vCast empowers IT admins with VLAN support for flexible network configuration. Create and modify virtual groups for streamlined network administration and enjoy easy connection to ViewBoards located on up to three different subnets. Users can seamlessly hop between displays on the same subnet as they switch between rooms, allowing for fast set-up.​
VLAN Flexibility 1

Reach Your Audience with Group Mode

Mirror presentations across up to six synchronized presentation displays with just a click using Group Mode, ensuring the best possible visibility of your content during boardroom sessions, town halls, and other large-audience meetings.
Reach Your Audience with Group Mode 1

Moderator Mode Enhances Student Participation

​Ignite brainstorming and collaboration with Moderator Mode’s broadcast and split-screen functions. Within the Moderator Mode panel, teachers can effortlessly showcase multiple students’ screens on the ViewBoard or broadcast a student’s screen to the entire classroom. Enrich presentations and encourage student participation by annotating the ViewBoard with key concepts and sketches. Then, with just a click, save notes as image files for sharing to ensure important ideas are never lost.​
▲【Moderator mode with 4-spilt screen​】         
▼【Broadcast to mirror screens​】
Moderator Mode Enhances Student Participation 1
Moderator Mode Enhances Student Participation 2

Moderator Mode Keeps You in Control​

Moderator Mode elevates classroom management by empowering teachers with full control over the displayed content. Ensure lesson content stays appropriate and students' focus undivided by *previewing participants' screens before enlarging them on the ViewBoard, or discreetly hide off-task students' screens.​

*The number of simultaneous Moderator Mode participants is subject to processor and network conditions​
Moderator Mode Keeps You in Control​ 1

Security with Passcode Protection ​

Protect your vCast session with passcode authentication, ensuring only authorized access to your ViewBoard.
Security with Passcode Protection ​ 1

vCast (SW-100) vs. vCast Pro (SW-101)


vCast Pro


Included with ViewBoard¹Optional $109 (MSRP) license for Windows OS²
Multi-Screen Sharing³​Up to 4 devices​Unlimited​
Grouping Mode​Up to 4 devices​Up to 6 devices
Compatible Operating Systems​Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome (Chromecast) Android, and iOS (AirPlay)​
Touch Control of Casting Devices​Windows, Mac & Android​
VLAN Support​Supports up to 3 subnets​
Moderator Mode​Preview connected devices, authorize casting to the ViewBoard, broadcast to participants, and view participant’s screens in ViewBoard split-screen​
Compatible Wireless Display Standards​Miracast, Airplay (iOS) & Chromecast (Chrome Browser)​


1. vCast is available for all ViewBoard models, except for the ViewBoard 32 series.​
The following products are preloaded with vCast: CDE20, CDE30, ViewBoard 32-2, ViewBoard 33, ViewBoard 50-5, ViewBoard52-1A/1B/1C, ViewBoard 62, ViewBoard 105S. ViewBoard 52-2 supports vCast via Google Play download.​
2. Please consult your sales representatives for more details​
3. Multi-screen performance is impacted by processor, router, network, and bandwidth conditions.​