WPG-370 presentation mode setup

To stream via Presentation mode you will first need to place the WPG-360 / 370 in Presentation. Then you need to connect your PC / Mac to the WPG-360 / 370 like you would connect to any other wireless network. Now type in the link at the bottom of your wireless display in your computers web browser. You will be taken to the WPG-360 / 370 admin ...

What should I do if there's a touch issue when using the VB-PEN-007 (AirPen) on an IFP32/50/52/62/70 series ViewBoard?

If the mouse movement isn't smooth or the lines you draw aren't smooth with the VB-PEN-007 (AirPen) on a ViewBoard IFP32/50/52/62/70 series, updating the VB-PEN-007 (AirPen) firmware might fix the problem.   Before Updating Before using the Firmware Update Tool, please prepare the following: ·       Computer with Windows 7/10/11. ·       V...

What Kind of Stylus conductive pen is compatible with ViewSonic Touch Monitors?

It is suggested to use greater than 6mm diameter pen tip.  Stylus/ Passive pen with conductive cloth material will work with all ViewSonic’s Projected Capacitive touch monitors (TD1630/TD2230/TD2430, TD2455/TD1655, TD2760).    Pen tip with 8mm diameter is better for TD2230.   Note: TD2455 and TD1655 stylus/passive pen (Included in ...

Why does my TD2220 randomly receive touch signal and respond accordingly while exposed to sunlight?

TD2220 is an optical touch monitor which uses two CMOS cameras (optical sensors) placed in the corners at the top of the screen as well as three reflectors (light strips). These cameras are used to look across the entire touch surface for touch events. When an object touches the screen, it blocks some of the light being received by the sensor...

Is it possible to connect multiple displays to my WPG-370?

The WPG-370 does not support connection to multiple displays.  The WPG-370 does have VGA and HDMI as video outputs, which may be used alternatively not simultaneously.

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