How to change the projector lamp in a projector?

The methods for changing the projector lamp (bulb) differ depending on the model of the projector. For accurate instructions, you can find lamp swapping instruction at ViewSonic product download page.   <Note> It is recommended that you use an authentic ViewSonic replacement lamp.  

How to solve “Out of range” when connecting PC/laptop to a projector?

Please refer to this FAQ.

What to do if the image shows keystone effect from the projector?

When you see below situation, please follow below instructions to adjust:   If the projector supports Auto Keystone or Vertical keystone, please try to turn on or manually adjust by referring to user guide. If possible, put the projector on the flat surface and make sure projector lens and screen are in a 90-degree angle.  

How to change the projector image orientation

Open the projector Menu and go to System Setting: Basic> Projector Position and choose one of the four available options: Front Table Rear Table Ceiling Front Ceiling

Why a black border on the top/bottom or sides of the image from the projector?

Please check below:   1.Plesae refer to the user guide and adjust Aspect ratio with example below.   2. It could be the format of the movie since not all movies are formatted in 16:9. Some are formatted wider than 16:9 which will create black borders on the top and bottom of the screen.

Can I change the orientation of the projector when in use?

Please refer to user guide on page "Important Safety Instructions". Some projectors may be claimed to use at a limited angle dependent on the light source, such as lamp or LED.

Android mobile phones are unable to mirror cast via Google Home App.

Recently we've noticed an incompatibility issue between some ViewSonic smart projectors and Google Home App with the latest update. Some users might not see ViewSonic projectors on the device list when trying to mirror cast their Android mobile phone to ViewSonic projectors via Google Home App.  We are aware of this issue and currently workin...

How to clean the projector lens

To clean the projector lens, do the following: Apply a non-abrasive camera lens cleaner to a soft, lint-free cloth. Do NOT spray the cleaner directly onto the lens. Avoid abrasive cleaners/solvent, as they may permanently damage the lens. In a circular motion gently wipe the lens clean. Replace lens cap if projector is not to be used.

What to do if I can't mirror my screen after I updated the iOS version to iOS14?

Due to iOS14 compatibility issues, please follow below table for solution.   Model Solution X100-4K Install EAirPlay.apk and follow instruction X10-4K Update FW to V1.13 via OTA M2 Update FW to V1.0 via OTA M1+_G2/M1+_V Update FW to V1.04 via OTA M1 mini plus Update FW to V1.02 via OTA SOP URL:

There is a pixel stuck on or off

Stuck or twinkling pixels on the projected image may be due to a defective DMD chip. These pixels can show up as bright, dark or twinkling points. They look similar to pixel defects on LCD displays. This cannot be fixed by the end user and must be sent in for service. Contact ViewSonic Customer Care to verify if your unit qualifies for warrant...

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