Stop and Watch before purchasing the Interactive Flat Panel Display

3W and 1H you need to know!!

Why is warranty important to you?

I believe that you are ready to enter a new type of communication to present your teaching content or share office ideas in a faster and more interactive way. However, before you purchase an interactive flat panel (IFP), please take some time to confirm that the IFP you purchased is warranted.

According to the questionnaire survey, one of the most worrying problems for consumers after purchasing an IFP is warranty repair. If your IFP is not guaranteed, it will cost a lot of manpower and expenses to solve the maintenance problem after the fault occurs. In addition, while waiting for repairs, you may also have to wait for some more time and this will cost delay on your original course, schedule or meeting plan.

Therefore, purchasing an interactive whiteboard with a warranty is an important part that must be confirmed before you buy.

ViewSonic leads the industry in providing a full range ViewBoard (IFP50 series) with a three year warranty and repair that also includes faulty machine disassembly, transportation, renovation, and reinstallation (Note 1) free of charge, guaranteed within 48 hours (Note 2) to troubleshoot your problem.

Save your class presentations or meeting progress from delays!

What is behind a 3 year warranty?

Even though your manufacturer gives a warranty, have you confirmed that your warranty is all-inclusive?

Most brands of smart interactive whiteboards offer a three-year warranty but for the same three-year warranty, the content may be very different.

Most of your smart interactive whiteboards are purchased by the manufacturer to provide free assistance with the installation service. However, do you want to deal with disassembly and delivery during maintenance?

Imagine a 55inch to 80inch smart interactive whiteboard that can't be undersized or is heavy, and therefore the repair and disassembly is no longer similar to moving a 10kg projector or carrying a 27-inch screen.

When your smart interactive whiteboard fails, how to disassemble and repair becomes a very important part.

But don’t worry!

ViewSonic is leading the industry to provide a full range ViewBoard (IFP50 series) for three years from repair to maintenance, not only to ensure that the problems are eliminated within 48 hours (Note 2), but also to assist you faulty machine disassembly, transportation, renovation, and reinstallation without any charge(Note 1), giving you peace of mind.

If you have checked this, we believe that you are ready to enter the new world of different communication styles. We bet you cannot wait to do your presentations and stimulate innovative office ideas in a faster and more interactive way.

How 48hrs TAT can benefit you?

What kind of warranty do you need in addition to the three-year warranty and the free disassembly service?

For troubleshooting the problem of solving hardware devices used in the classroom or in the office, the urgency of time is not as easy as sending a TV at home for a few days.

The minutes and seconds spent on the repairs will greatly reduce the teaching progress in the classroom or the efficiency of the work in the conference room. As an IT staff, you do not only need to frequently answer the call for maintenance progress, but may also be considered by the boss. It will not leave a good impression.

In response to this problem, ViewSonic has launched a 48-hour maintenance service for the full range of ViewBoard (IFP50 series). Engineers go to the area to solve the problem at the fastest speed. If the problem cannot be eliminated on site, we will be responsible for disassembly and delivery of your interactive display to the repair station and assist in troubleshooting problems in the quickest time, so that your equipment will not affect your educational responsibilities or work presentations due to malfunctions.

What other end-users say after they used ViewSonic Warranty Service?

Now, let's listen to the teachers and IT staff who have experienced the three-year warranty from ViewSonic, the free disassembly and repair, and the 48-hour TAT service. Learn how ViewSonic can improve their productivity and solve their tough maintenance problems!

Taipei, Taiwan, Teacher Vanesa

The 48-hour obstacle elimination provided by ViewSonic really helped me a lot.

That day was just the day before the PTA meeting. Students and other teachers prepared a lot of presentation content that required interaction with students through the tablet and IFP for that day and let parents who rarely come to school to participate in the daily teaching process.

Unexpectedly, when we were preparing for the last exercise on the same day, we found that the IFP could not be turned on as it should be!

After promptly calling the ViewSonic customer service center, the maintenance personnel quickly went to the school for inspection on the afternoon of the same day and the machine repair was completed on site!

When the smart interactive display was turned on, the students in the class and other teachers were so happy that we laughed and laughed. Is there anything better than inspiring and encouraging education in this way?

Singapore, IT Steven

When I received a call from the general manager, he told me that there was something strange with the IFP touch function installed in his office, I almost ran to the general manager's office to help solve the problem.

After several tests to confirm that it was not a system-set problem, I decided to call the ViewSonic customer service immediately to request for a repair service.

ViewSonic's customer service kindly agreed with me on the repair time, so we arranged the inspection and maintenance in the two days of the general manager's business trip.

In the morning of the disassembly test, it was found that it was necessary to return it to the repair station to replace the parts. The machine was quickly packaged with the proper protective packaging material and the maintenance personnel took it for repair.

The next morning I received a notice from the customer service staff saying that they could return the machine in the afternoon. Shortly after the machine was installed, the general manager also just arrived at the office to prepare for the business meeting.

I will never forget the smile that the general manager gave me when he saw the smart interactive whiteboard operating well again.

(Note 1) de/re installation is limited for the height under 10 meters
(Note 2) 48hrs excluded of customer issue and de/re installation appointment time

ViewSonic Premium IFP Warranty Warranty extension to 5th year