Use your phone as a virtual remote control for your smart projector.

Step 1: Make sure your model device and smart projector are connected to the same wifi network. Step 2: Download and launch Vcastsender and select "Device List".        (Selecting Device List: Marked with a red circle) Step 3: Checking the device number by selecting "Screen Mirroring" in the projector main menu. The correct de...

vCast Group Size

The vCast Group function can cast to a maximum of * displays simultaneously. Platform Displays Android vCast 4* Windows vCastPro 6*

What is the minimum video streaming network bandwidth recommended for reliable ViewBoard® Cast casting?

Minimum Bandwidth recommendation: 1 MB/s (Still picture < 100KB/s, Peak value of a dynamic picture is about 1 MB/s) Network packet loss rate: 5% Network latency: 1~30ms: very fast, smooth screen casting. 31~50ms: Good, can screen cast normally, no obvious delay. 51~100ms: Normal, slight latency may occur when the video/pictur...

Why can't ViewBoard control mobile devices?

In order to ensure the security of user information, mobile phones do not allow any third-party application to control it. Therefore, when using the mobile phone's vCastSender mirroring feature, controlling the mobile phone from ViewBoard is not available.

What to do when there is latency visible during video streaming to multiple screens?

Video streaming to multiple screens can be a heavy load on a network.    To have better experience on ViewBoard Cast with multiple screens sharing with a reliable signal, we suggest connect in Wi-Fi 5Ghz with minimum signal strength  @ -60dBm and the recommended bandwidth at least 1 MB/s.   If latency still visible, please limit vCastSender...

Why can't I find the device name (Cast-XXXX) of ViewBoard Cast on the client list?

ViewBoard Cast software, laptops, and mobile devices can connect to both the same subnet and across the subnet network. 1. Connected ViewBoard devices will show up under “Device List” on the same subnet connection only. 2. Check if the network access restriction is set on the router (such as disabling broadcast ports, etc.); 3. Try to rep...

Why can't ViewBoard control the laptop?

Some anti-virus software may block the touch control function. Please check if anti-virus software is installed on your laptop. If so, please disable the anti-virus software.

What is the minimum Wi-Fi signal strength for a reliable ViewBoard Cast network?

In order to have reliable network signal strength to experience ViewBoard Cast optimally, we suggest the minimum Wi-Fi signal strength for reliable packet delivery to not be lower than -60dBm.