How do I factory reset the NMP660?

To recover and return the NMP660 to its original factory state you will first need to create a Recovery USB disk. Making the Google Chrome Recovery USB disk for the NMP660 1. Using a Chrome browser, install the Chromebook Recovery Utility app.

Firmware Flash Instructions CDE30 series.

Instructions   Format a USB drive as FAT32 (For instructions on how to format a USB flash drive to FAT 32 please see link.) How to format USB to Fat32 Extract the following file to the root directory of the USB drive CDExx30 extract 'upgrade_982’ to the root of the USB drive. Insert USB drive into the USB3.0 port located on th...

How to update CDE5510/6510 Firmware?

1. Copy the firmware image file to a USB storage device's root directory.   NOTE: the USB storage device must be formatted with FAT32.   2. Turn off the display via the power switch.     3. Plug the USB storage device into CDE5510/CDE6510's USB port.     4. Turn on the display via the power switch.     5. Once turned on, you ...

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