How to set up my FollowMe AI - Time, Grid and Watermark

Manage your FollowMe AI setting Log into your account on On your Dashboard select FollowMe AI Select setting on the left side  After changing the setting, make sure click Confirm to save it You can check out our video tutorial to learn more how to use FollowMe AI:

How to show public cloud integration panel?

How to control the floating tool bar?

This is our floating tool bar: Use your floating tool bar Move Your Floating Bar Presentation Mode Paste To Canvas Previous Canvas Next Canvas Add Canvas You can check out our video tutorial as well:

How do I use cloud storage in myViewBoard for Windows?

How to move the menu bar?

How to execute operations using touch?

How to execute operations using the mouse?

How to enable FollowMeAI casting

How to use 2 finger and 3 finger navigation on myViewBoard?

How to login with the myViewBoard Chrome extension

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