NMP620-P10 Windows Activation

Procedure to resolve Windows 10 Enterprise activation issue due to Microsoft Hotfix KB4493509 impact to IoT Device NMP620-P10

Step 1: Boot up NMP620-P10 and agree to the EULA while creating a User Account. Please disconnect the Ethernet cable and do not connect to Wi-Fi.



Step 2: Left click on the Windows Start button and select Settings.




Step 3: Select Update & Security.




Step 4: Select Windows Update then click on View update history.




Step 5: Click on Uninstall updates.



Step 6: Click on “Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4493509)" to highlight it then click Uninstall.




Step 7: Click Yes to uninstall KB4493509.



Step 8: Wait for the uninstall to complete.




Step 9: Click Restart Now when the uninstall is complete.


Step 10: Please wait for the updates to complete. Once logged into the Windows desktop, plug in the Ethernet cable or connect to Wi-Fi with internet access. 

Then repeat Step 1 through 3 and select Activation. It should now show that Windows is activated with a digital license.

Last modified: Dec 2020

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