ColorPro 27" Pantone-gevalideerde videobewerkingsmonitor met geïntegreerde kalibrator, DCI-P3, 165Hz en Nano IPS

  • Apple Compatible: MAC Ready with 90W USB-C connectivity plus 95% DCI-P3 International Digital Film Standard colour gamut.
  • Hollywood Colour: VESA verified HDR400 with Nano IPS meets big screen standards for Cinematic quality.
  • Great for B-Roll: 165Hz response time ideal for stellar sequences.
  • Instant Colour Adjustment: Our exclusive ColorPro Wheel puts colour calibration and adjustments at your fingertips with Adobe Software and on-screen displays.
  • Portable Darkroom: Foldaway hood attaches instantly to eliminate ambient light when you need to "go dark".
  • Award-Winning Design: Winner of multiple 2021 awards for minimalistic design, user experience and enhanced features.
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Introducing the world's first professional monitor with an integrated color calibrator plus Nano IPS Color Gamut, 95% DCI-P3 capability & 165Hz refresh rate.Outstanding visual performance and unmatched color capability combine with award-winning ergonomic design and fingertip controls in our ColorPro VP76 Series Professional Monitors from ViewSonic. Designed exclusively to meet the visual needs of world-class photographers, vloggers, video editors, animators and game designers, ColorPro stands apart through a marriage of the latest tech and human touch. With integrated access to Adobe and Capture One editing software, ColorPro was created to surpass your expectations through a combination of elegant design, outstanding technology and a simple, intuitive interface for easy color adjustment.

Make the world your set

Introducing VP76 Series


Meet the world's first professional monitor with an integrated color calibrator plus Nano IPS Color Gamut,
95% DCI-P3 capability & 165Hz refresh rate.
With the right tools at hand, you can create magic all around.
It’s about having the ability to harness beauty and alter your surroundings. Visuals seem clearer.
Colors feel brighter. Details fall into focus. Creative control leads to craft.
Make the world your set, with ColorPro.

Award-Winning Design

Maximum Performance. Award-Winning Minimalist Design.

When it comes to beauty and performance, no detail was overlooked.

Check User Centered Design Story

Ergonomic Working Stand

Built-In Desktop Illumination

Special Hue of Black

Intuitive Touch Point Design

Detachable “Dark Room” Hood

Prismatic Palette

A Perfect Match for Your Mac

In technology and performance, the ColorPro VP2776 is the perfect partner for your Mac™. Like Apple’s Retina™ displays, the monitor employs the DCI-P3 color gamut, offering 95% coverage. Our ICC Bridge technology guarantees the ICC profile matches your Mac, automatically ensuring color consistency across the displays. Experience swift and seamless connectivity with USB-C, enabling rapid audiovisual and data transfer, alongside 90W of power delivery through a single cable for minimal clutter.

98% DCI-P3

Big Screen Hollywood Color

VESA certification is a significant step up to standards met by only the top 15% of display monitors in the world. This guarantees true 8-bit image quality, global dimming for dynamic contrast and a peak luminance of 400 cd/m2. Nano IPS technology embeds an extra layer of backlighting nanoparticles for an even more expanded, brighter color gamut. It all adds up to a Hollywood-quality viewing experience found nowhere else.


Movie Quality B-Roll

165 Hz refresh rate means absolutely zero loss of image detail & quality during slow-motion B-Roll. While G-Sync eliminates screen tearing. Combined, they bring unobstructed beauty and depth to your moving image.

165 Hz Refresh Rate

Flawless Color Reproduction

With Delta E < 2 color accuracy, the VP2776 delivers stunning color reproduction that ensures colors in your videos and photos are true-to-life and nearly indistinguishable from the color seen by the naked eye.

Delta E < 2
Delta E<2 color accuracy


Source Material

Delta E < 2

Balanced Uniformity

ViewSonic’s uniformity correction balances luminance performance on the VP2776 with calculated Delta Lv < 5% precision, improving delta luminance variance to < 5% for more consistent brightness from edge to edge.

Delta Lv < 5%
Calibrated Uniformity Calibrated Uniformity

Imagery has been simulated for demonstration purposes
Uniformity function only works while in sRGB, DCI-P3 and REC709 color modes.

Fingertip Color Control

The World's First Professional Monitor With Fingertip Color Control

Sensitivity, balance and perfect alignment harmonize in the ColorPro Wheel interface. Instant color adjustments are just an intuitive click or spin away. You'll be amazed at how quickly it feels like an organic extension of your own hand.

ColorPro Wheel

Interact Immediately with Photo & Video Editing Software

Instant access to compatible Adobe Creative Suite or Capture One editing software and on-screen displays is simply a click & spin away with the Color Wheel. Zoom in and out, adjust brush size, brightness settings, opacity and more.

Please install the ColorPro Integrate software before activating the function.

98% DCI-P3

Bye-Bye Complications. Hello Easy Calibration.

Now the ColorPro Wheel makes color calibration fast, accurate, and easy. By integrating a lens-based color sensor and monitor software, you‘ll control your color with confidence. Improved color accuracy, enhanced stability, and white balance will be at your fingertips. Expertly calibrated color profiles, the most accurate on-screen representation, and complete, easy-to-read color reports complete the picture.

Built-in Calibrator

Quick, Easy Display Adjustments

No more fiddling with the bezel buttons! The ColorPro Wheel affords easy access to on-screen display parameters. Just click and turn to scroll and adjust brightness, contrast, and more.

Quick & Crystal Clear

Exquisite quality out of the box

Each and every one of our ColorPro Monitors is pre-calibrated before it goes in the box. Complete with a color report for you when you take it out: DCI-P3, sRGB, REC709, Uniformity.

Please download your customized report HERE

Factory Pre-Calibrated

Let There Be Light!

It's vital to see your workspace and the built-in Backstage Light™ light provides illumination during darkroom conditions. With white, warm white and yellow lights to choose from, you can change the lighting at will.

Built-In Desktop Illumination

Instant Darkroom

The removable hood attaches magnetically to help eliminate ambient light for when you need dark room focus. And detaches in an instant.

Magnetic Hood

Seamless Workflow Management

Our convenient, industry-leading Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) Switch technology lets you control peripherals and switch between applications on multiple computers from a single keyboard and mouse. Both Windows and Mac OS system users avoid cable clutter and benefit from single cable management of power charging, large-quantity data transmission, and video display via USB-C connectivity.

KVM Switch Technology

Make the world your set

A Perfect Union of Hi-Tech & Hi-Touch



  • Display
    Schermgrootte (inch): 27
    Zichtbare oppervlakte (in.): 27
    Paneeltype: IPS Technology
    Resolutie: 2560 x 1440
    Resolutietype: QHD (Quad HD)
    Statische contrastverhouding: 1,000:1 (typ)
    Dynamische contrastverhouding: 20M:1
    High Dynamic Range: VESA HDR400
    Lichtbron: LED
    Helderheid: 400 cd/m² (typ)
    Colors: 1.07B
    Color Space Support: 10 bit (8 bit + A-FRC)
    Aspectratio: 16:9
    Reactietijd (typische GTG): 3ms
    Reactietijd (GTG met OD): 3ms
    Reactietijd (MPRT): 1ms
    Kijkhoeken: 178º horizontal, 178º vertical
    Levensduur achtergrondverlichting (uren): 30000 Hrs (Min)
    Kromming: Flat
    Vernieuwingsfrequentie (Hz): 165
    Technologie met variabele vernieuwingsfrequentie: G-Sync compatible
    Blauwlichtfilter: Yes
    Flikkervrij: Yes
    Color Gamut: Adobe RGB: 99% size / 87% coverage (Typ)
    DCI-P3: 98% size / 95% coverage (Typ)
    EBU: 131% size / 100% coverage (Typ)
    REC709: 133% size / 100% coverage (Typ)
    SMPTE-C: 144% size / 100% coverage (Typ)
    NTSC: 94% size (Typ)
    sRGB: 133% size / 100% coverage (Typ)
    Pixelgrootte: 0.233 mm (H) x 0.233 mm (V)
    Oppervlakte behandeling: Anti-Glare, Hard Coating (3H)
  • Compatibiliteit
    PC-resolutie (max.): 2560x1440
    Mac® Resolutie (max.): 2560x1440
    PC-besturingssysteem: Windows 10/11 certified; macOS tested
    Mac® Resolutie (min): 2560x1440
  • Connector
    USB 3.1 Type C - Downstream: 1
    USB 3.2 Type A Down Stream: 2
    USB 3.2 Type B Up Stream: 1
    USB 3.2 Type C Up Stream; DisplayPort Alt mode : 1 (90W power charger)
    Micro USB: 1
    3.5mm Audio Out: 1
    HDMI 2.0 (with HDCP 2.2): 2
    DisplayPort: 1
    Power in: 3-pin Socket (IEC C14 / CEE22)

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