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How to Choose the Best Monitor for Photo Editing

When choosing a monitor for photo editing, it's important to look for the best possible color quality and clarity. Here's how to pick one.

The Ultimate Guide to Redesigning Offices for Hybrid Work: Principles and Practices

In 2020, the way employees went to work shifted dramatically. Whereas most employees traveled to the office from Monday to Friday, now employees found...

8 Benefits of a Flipped Classroom

With all the buzz surrounding the flipped classroom, we take a look at how this approach benefits teachers and students alike.

4 Tips on Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Meeting Spaces

Companies need to ensure all voices are heard, especially in meetings. Here are 4 ways to build diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces.

Do Standardized Test Scores Measure Education Quality?

Standardized testing provides a necessary benchmark for teachers, parents, and government, but the system is not without its flaws.