Remote Collaboration at Your Scale

Bring together teams of all sizes from anywhere in the world with purpose-built remote collaboration solutions.

Why is working together from different locations so difficult?

Clear communications are challenging enough in person without great distances between collaborators.

Limited Visuals

It’s unnatural to interact and engage with just a voice.

Poor Integration

Multiple separate tools produce both gaps and redundancy.

Solutions Not to Scale

Few tools work equally well for a variety of group sizes.


ViewSonic and Caveat Make The Finchers

See how ViewSonic worked with filmmakers all over the world to create original creative campaigns – without ever leaving the office.

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Benefits of Remote Collaboration with ViewSonic

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Clearer Communication

See and be seen with a high-quality display thanks to ViewSonic’s decades of success as a visual solutions provider.

Natural Presentations

Precise touchscreen displays to fit any space and simplify writing, drawing, or presenting anywhere.

A Solution Ecosystem

ViewSonic's unique combination of hardware and integrated myViewBoard software is a full solution.

Remote Collaboration Solutions from ViewSonic

Visual connections between any space


Large Connected Displays for Shared Spaces

Scale up personal displays with a fully integrated wireless presentation display (WPD). Use ViewBoard® Cast to either share your own device or split the screen to share with up to 4 collaborators in real-time.


Integrated Visual Communication at the Personal Scale

Get a high-quality IPS screen with integrated webcam for a single device for easy video conferencing. Reduce the clutter and complexity to better connect with your team.


With ViewSonic, you get more than just a display.

Get the assurance of a company that has always been at the forefront of display solutions

Environmentally Friendly

At ViewSonic, we are committed to reducing environmental impact. Every device is packaged with biodegradable paper-based materials.

A Trusted Partner

Backed by 30 years of innovation and leadership, ViewSonic has earned its position as a provider of high-quality display solutions.

Award Certified

ViewSonic is honored to have received numerous awards and accolades across a wide range of technological categories.

Premium Support

Dedicated online and offline support including comprehensive resources, latest downloads, and product warranties.

Remote Collaboration Insights

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