ViewSonic’s New ViewBoard 62 Series Awarded EPEAT Silver Certification, Leading the Interactive Flat Panel Industry

Brea, California (April 21, 2022) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, today announced that its next-generation ViewBoard 62 series of interactive displays has been awarded the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) Silver certification—the highest environmental rating achieved by any interactive flat panels currently on the market. In ViewSonic’s commitment to sustainability, the company’s products have continuously been designed to be energy efficient and eco-friendly.

"ViewSonic leads the way with our innovation in interactive displays, with functionality, product design and sustainability in mind. The ViewBoard 62 series' EPEAT silver certification is a clear recognition of our environmental commitments," said Bonny Cheng, Chief Operating Officer, ViewSonic. “ViewSonic is committed to providing products that meet the users’ diverse needs. Our products reduce operating costs for customers and ensure better environmental outcomes that benefit the broader community.“

ViewBoard 62: Leading Eco-friendly Interactive Displays

The ViewBoard 62 line of premium interactive displays has been designed for corporate settings and higher education. It is ideal for meetings and seamless collaboration. The ViewBoard 62 series earned the EPEAT Silver certification by excelling in categories of energy consumption, supply chain carbon emissions, and end-of-life management. Additionally, it scored full points on the optional criteria of “life cycle assessment and carbon footprint” and “corporate social responsibility”.

Furthermore, all of ViewSonic’s large format displays have built-in energy-saving features. 70% of these displays are Energy Star certified, allowing users to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainability Across ViewSonic’s Product lines

ViewSonic has been taking steps, over their entire range of products, towards sustainability. For instance, 90% of the company’s VG series monitors (which have been designed specifically for business settings) are EPEAT certified, with the VG2455 and VG2755 both receiving EPEAT Gold certification in 2021. On the other hand, ViewSonic’s VG2448a and VG2748a monitors have both been certified with the latest TCO Certified Generation 9 — a world-renowned sustainability certification for IT products.

Beyond monitors, ViewSonic has also been using LED technology to develop more sustainable projectors. The company’s latest 3rd generation LED technology has been designed to be energy-saving by offering lifespans of up to 30,000 hours without lamp replacements. With the application of LED technology, users can replace traditional mercury-based lamp projectors with safer, more eco-friendly, and high-brightness LED projectors that are both energy and cost efficient.

A Comprehensive Environmental Approach

Outside of product design, ViewSonic has also undertaken major efforts to make environmental improvements in its packaging, relying more on recyclable and paper-based materials, as well as water-based paints. Beyond this, all of ViewSonic’s suppliers comply with policies around not using conflict minerals in the production process. ViewSonic was awarded ISO 50001 certification in recognition of the company’s work to further improve energy management.