ViewSonic Flagship 86" 4K Interactive Displays Leads with its Video Conferencing Solutions

A full lineup to enhance communication and collaboration in workplace

Brea, California (June 2, 2022) – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, launched its ViewBoard 62 Series of interactive displays for video conferencing. Along with a new All-in-one conference camera and Conference Speakerphone, the series provides both corporate and higher education organizations with a suite of advanced technologies for improved productivity and communications when videoconferencing.

"The nature of working and learning has fundamentally changed. Businesses and education institutions are turning to audiovisual technologies to help them elevate collaboration and communication across different contexts," said Monica Sun, Director of the Presentation Group at ViewSonic. “With the ViewBoard 62 Series and associated peripheral devices, we give customers the ability to work together, enhance efficiency, while enjoying unparalleled image and audio quality – all with exceedingly accurate and high-detail touch input.“

A Comprehensive Solution for Video Conferencing

The ViewBoard 62 Series incorporates the latest video conferencing technologies to ensure seamless communication. The series comes in screen sizes up to 86” with 4K resolution and compatibility with some of the most popular video conference software, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex and Zoom Meetings.

Traditionally, video conferencing setups in meeting rooms have relied on cameras that capture the whole room. Through the auto framing and voice tracking, attendees and speakers are automatically framed and highlighted by the All-in-one conference camera, ensuring that whoever is speaking is able to be seen. Attendees no longer need to raise their hands or stand to get everyone’s attention.

Further, ViewSonic’s wireless Conference Speakerphone can work as an extended microphone for the ViewBoard 62 Series. When holding meetings in a larger conference room, sound reception may decrease with the size of the space. The Conference Speakerphone has a 360-degree sound coverage of up to six meters. This feature facilitates communication, meaning conversations take place as if it were in-person. Moreover, a second Conference Speakerphone can be added to enhance sound quality and range in larger meeting rooms, while echo cancellation and noise reduction provide additional assurance of high-quality sound and ultrafine conversation quality.

Easier Sharing and Collaboration

For user convenience, the displays support immediate plug-and-play sharing and USB Type-C port. This means participants can quickly connect and share media from a range of different devices. Through wireless sharing tools, content can be shared conveniently by meeting attendees, allowing up to four users to cast directly to the screen at the same time.

By harnessing the power of Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP) input, users can write or draw directly on the ViewBoard 62 Series screen in extremely fine detail, with the output being similar to what one would experience when putting a pencil to real paper. Furthermore, 20-point multi touch allows several users to handle complex work simultaneously, making both in-person and video conference collaboration a breeze.

Better Internal Communications

ViewBoard 62 Series can be used as a platform to enhance internal communication, ensuring that important information can reach employees in a timely manner. Using its myViewBoard Manager, a remotely centralized management tool, companies can play its latest multimedia on ViewBoards or broadcast urgent messages, such as fire or earthquake alerts. This makes communications across organizations simple and efficient.

Sustainable Audiovisual Solutions

The ViewBoard 62 Series has been awarded the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) Silver certification—the highest environmental rating achieved by any interactive flat panels currently on the market. In addition to being environmentally friendly, its design helps customers reduce their power consumption and lower the total cost of ownership, helping users and businesses adhere to their own sustainability goals.