National Kaohsiung Normal University and ViewSonic Collaborate to Integrate Remote Teaching into Maker Education Courses

Kaohsiung, Taiwan (May 4, 2021)ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual and educational solutions, and National Kaohsiung Normal University (NKNU) announced their productive achievements in the “Innovative Remote Teaching and Technology Hands-on Courses” program. Since 2020, NKNU has collaborated with ViewSonic and 10 local elementary and junior high schools to co-develop the courses which have successfully incorporated remote teaching into maker education. The program has increased the efficiency in collaborative lesson preparation, enhanced students’ learning interests, and further solved the challenges of teaching in rural schools.

The highlights of the demonstration courses have been the “DIY Solar Cars” course in which three schools collaborate, and the “Hand Launch Glider” remote teaching course. Both courses make good use of the schools’ resources to practice hybrid teaching. Through the cross-school collaborations, teachers deliver different syllabuses according to their expertise and prepare lessons collaboratively. The students can interact with each other from different classrooms to increase their learning interests.

To nurture talents and accelerate education technology development, NKNU follows the core concept of science and technology innovation, hands-on practices, design thinking, and implements digital teaching methods to solve various education challenges,” Lien-Shang Wu, President of NKNU stated. “Through this collaboration with ViewSonic, we have not only seen how digital teaching significantly increased students’ willingness and interests to learn but also broken the barriers of the physical classroom. These demonstration courses have brought countless possibilities to the digital education transformation.”

“Through ViewSonic’s education technology solutions, including ViewBoard interactive displays and myViewBoard visual learning platform, teacher-student interactions, and students’ interest in learning can be effectively improved,” said James Chu, Chairman and CEO of ViewSonic. "The program reflects the devotion amongst the industry, academia, and the government to accelerate the development of hybrid teaching and maker education. By leveraging the power of the ecosystem, we would like to build up a digital learning environment together and create more innovative education models.”

Other than cross-school collaborations using ViewSonic’s education technology solutions, courses like “Making mask decompression adjustment belt”, “AI experiencing” and “Sketch drawing and recognition” have greatly enhanced the students’ responsiveness and creative thinking ability.

The 10 schools which participated in the program include Chao-Jhou Primary School, Chao-Jhou Junior High School, and Chau-Sheng National Primary School in Pingtung County; Alian Junior High School, Tao-Yuan Junior High School, Dashu Junior High School, Xinmin Elementary School, and Tso-Ying Primary School in Kaohsiung City; as well as Fu-Chuen Primary School and Shigang Elementary School in Taichung City in Taiwan.


  • National Kaohsiung Normal University and ViewSonic Integrate Remote Teaching into Maker Education