Chung Yuan Christian University Launches the ViewSonic Hybrid Teaching Classroom

Taipei, Taiwan (September 22, 2020) ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of digital education solutions, and Chung Yuan Christian University today launch the ViewSonic Hybrid Teaching Classroom. Located at Chung Yuan Christian University, this new form of the classroom can be used for live streaming and synchronous and asynchronous learning to achieve digitalized teaching activities. Realizing different types of digital teaching activities such as in-classroom, remote, and hybrid interactive teaching will help meet the educational needs in the post-pandemic era.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has affected countries differently, and education across the world has been disrupted. Many teachers face situations where only a portion of their students are in class, with the rest joining remotely from other countries or locations. Having conducted a wide range of interviews with educational professionals and identified key pain points, ViewSonic offers the myViewBoard digital education platform in response to the challenges of this new teaching environment.

“Teaching has advanced to the digital realm; hybrid models combining in-class and online remote teaching are now possible. Such models will play a key role in helping students continue to improve and ensuring the quality of the education provided by schools,” said James Chu, Chairman and CEO of ViewSonic.

K.C. Chang, President of Chung Yuan Christian University, stated that, “The establishment of the ViewSonic Hybrid Teaching Classroom combines ViewSonic’s expertise in educational technology and Chung Yuan Christian University’s rich experience in online teaching. Together we can deliver the software and hardware needed to simultaneously provide in-class teaching and online remote teaching, so that the bonds between teachers and students remain unbroken.”

Chung Yuan Christian University has been implementing digital integration and online teaching for many years. It has been at the forefront of online teaching in Taiwan. With over 3,000 courses uploaded to the university’s online teaching platform, the university has been able to overcome distance-related challenges arising from the pandemic and has continued to provide educational services.

The ViewSonic Hybrid Teaching Classroom will be prioritized for students around the world who are learning Mandarin. In line with the spirit of the project, it will enable Taiwanese students majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language and overseas Mandarin teachers to learn from and interact with each other via ViewSonic’s hybrid technology. It will set a model for the rest of the world in terms of teaching in real-time with high levels of interaction, unlimited expandability, and tremendous efficiency.

“In the coming semester, Chung Yuan Christian University’s Mandarin courses will be taught based on the hybrid format to build an open online university teaching model that allows for in-class interaction, online participation, and after-class revision,” said Chang. In response to the global popularity of Mandarin, Chung Yuan Christian University in 2002 was the first school in Taiwan to open a department of teaching Chinese as a second language. Nearly 1,000 students have graduated from the department since then, including many from other countries. The department has thus been a critical training base for Mandarin teachers worldwide.