ViewSonic Integrates Education Technology Ecosystem to Solve Pain Points for Global Educators

Taipei, Taiwan (December 2, 2020) ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual and educational solutions, announced its key strategies and 2020 performance review on the opening day of EdTech Taiwan 2020. As Covid-19 has sped up digital transformation in global educational communities, ViewSonic continues to facilitate Classroom 4.0 by providing integrated software/hardware solutions, collaborating with partners of the education ecosystem to promote Hybrid Teaching, building up the myViewBoard innovative digital education community and other innovative approaches. ViewSonic is committed to deepening a holistic digital education environment to meet the needs of the post-pandemic world.

James Chu, Chairman and CEO of ViewSonic said,“Covid-19 has pressed the pause button on the world in 2020. Instead of slowing down, ViewSonic sped up. In the past seven months, we visited school campuses throughout Taiwan to understand specific teaching requirements against the backdrop of the pandemic and to help solve problems. We have brought together partners with the same goal of building a better future for education and will continue leveraging our worldwide success in education technology in the education industry in Taiwan. We believe Taiwan’s digital learning experience can serve as a model for the world.”

In Taiwan, ViewSonic is also honoring its commitment to push forward a full-range of EdTech in three aspects: environment, teachers, and curriculum. In creating a well-rounded environment for EdTech, ViewSonic is working with the central and local governments, online learning platforms, textbook publishers, cram schools, and top universities to form an integrated education ecosystem. In fostering teaching talent, ViewSonic hosts monthly training workshops to promote hybrid teaching and provides a series of live-broadcast sessions in which experts provide insights on ViewSonic’s Facebook and YouTube channels. To accelerate the universal adoption of digital curricula, ViewSonic established the myViewBoard online community where teachers can share teaching materials and the latest technology. Within six months, myViewBoard had attracted over 1,000 teachers to become registered members.

In 2020, over 3,000 myViewBoard Innovative Classrooms have been established in K-12 schools around Taiwan. As an innovator in education technology, ViewSonic has teamed up with Chung Yuan Christian University to create the world’s first ViewSonic Hybrid Teaching Classroom, helping teachers and students solve pain points in distance learning.

Yu-jen Lien, the Hybrid Teaching Classroom project leader and director of the Mandarin Learning Center at Chung Yuan Christian University indicated, “COVID-19 has brought a worldwide demand for digital learning to unprecedented heights. The Hybrid Teaching Classroom integrates the smart interactive whiteboard and myViewBoard digital education platform, featuring synchronized, non-synchronized and live-broadcasting functions for distance education. It enables online as well as onsite teaching and learning in a burden-free environment, breaking down the barriers of classroom space.”

Mei-yu Wen, founder of Taiwan’s largest teaching community ”Teacher Wen’s Lesson Preparation Party”, has been practicing hybrid teaching by using myViewBoard as a tool in writing lessons. Remote students can watch a live-broadcast and interact with teachers on-line. Wen said, “With myViewBoard, students no longer need to scan or upload their classwork or homework and teachers are able to collect assignments within seconds. myViewBoard, with its comprehensive and useful solutions, blends teaching traditions and modern technology perfectly in the class. Its interactive model, wide range of applications and training workshops help teachers to become digital education experts even if they do not know where to start.”

Looking ahead, ViewSonic vows to promote Classroom 4.0 by facilitating real-time, interactive digital learning after Classroom 1.0 (blackboard), Classroom 2.0 (projector) and Classroom 3.0 (online audio/video platform). By working with ecosystem members, ViewSonic will continue to create a brand-new digital learning environment, help schools in deploying remote teaching and developing innovative educating models. The aim is to achieve a digital revolution and true equality in education that benefits both teachers and students in every corner of the world.